10 Best Free Music Download Sites to Download Music Legally


With the rise of giant music streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music, websites exclusively offering mp3 downloads have become obsolete. With the wide availability of network data and WiFi, most people prefer to stream music instead of downloading it. If you’re not a fan of streaming, you have limited options when it comes to downloading music. Luckily, there are still websites that host a large library of music. In this article, we bring you the top 10 websites that allow you to download music for free and legally.

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The Internet Archive

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Known for its enormous collection of books and other texts, The Internet Archive is also home to over 14 million audio recordings, all freely accessible from the digital library. The Internet Archive is a non-profit project that aims to provide access to historians, researchers, scholars, print disabled people and the general public. The “Live Music Archive” section of the website hosts free music from a variety of top artists. Music downloaded from The Internet Archive may not be used for commercial purposes. If you are looking for background music for your video or vlog, you will have to look elsewhere. However, if you just want to download music for personal listening, The Internet Archive is a great place to check out.

YouTube audio library

YouTube audio library

To help content creators make videos on its platform, YouTube provides a collection of free music and audio recordings that can be used for free as background music on videos hosted on the platform. You can use the music listed on YouTube audio library on your monetized videos without having to worry about being copied. Tap the play icon to preview the sample and click download to save the music to your device.



Jamendo is one of the best websites to discover and listen to independent and unsigned artists for free. With over 240,000 songs and 40,000 artists, Jamendo is one of the largest music platforms on the Internet. You can also find royalty-free music on Jamendo, which can be used for videos and any video content you want to publish online. You can browse music by genre and discover new unsigned artists. To download a song, you must first register and create a profile on Jamendo.

Amazon Digital Music

Amazon Digital Music

Most people don’t know it, but Amazon allows users to download music for free. Currently, there are more than 4000 music recordings that users can download from the Amazon website for free. You can even find popular artists like Foo Fighters and Carole King in Amazon’s free music library. Songs can be directly downloaded to your device for free, but you will have to browse the entire catalog to find what you like. Amazon no longer has “Search by genre”.



Most music lovers and audiophiles are probably already familiar with SoundCloud. One of the largest music platforms in the world, SoundCloud is home to independent and unsigned artists. You can directly download a song from the artist page if the artist has enabled this option. You don’t need to register or create a profile on SoundCloud to download a song. SoundCloud is also a great website for discovering new artists from various genres.

band camp

band camp

Like SoundCloud, band camp welcomes a large number of independent artists who have not yet been signed by a major label. Bandcamp lets you download music for free, and you can even give the artist whatever amount you see fit. To download the music for free, you just need to enter ‘0’ in the tip amount. You will need to create an account on Bandcamp before downloading music.

Free Music Archive

Free music archives.  10 Best Websites to Download Music Legally

Free Music Archive provides royalty-free music to content creators and video producers. The website hosts millions of royalty-free recordings and soundtracks. You can choose from a multitude of genres and find the perfect soundtrack for your content. The music listed on this platform is protected by the Creative Commons license, allowing creators to use the music without worrying about copyright issues.


Musopen.  10 Best Websites to Download Music Legally

Musopen is a site that exclusively publishes classical, orchestral and chamber music. You can download music from composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and many more for free. In addition to allowing users to download music for free, Musopen also provides access to sheet music and other music-related educational resources. The website is easy to navigate and provides a bunch of search filters to find the music you want.


CCTrax.  10 Best Websites to Download Music Legally

CCTrax also publishes music protected by the Creative Commons license. Unlike Free Music Archive, CCTrax focuses exclusively on electronic music. The music you download from CCTrax is royalty free and can be used as background music on videos you post online. Some music may come with a “BY license” that only allows it to be used as embedded files on other websites.

noise trading

Noise Trade.  10 Best Websites to Download Music Legally

Unlike most websites on this list, noise trading hosts music from some well-known popular artists which you can download for free. You can find music from Phoebe Bridgers, Wilco, Alabama Shakes and other popular artists on this platform. The only problem is that you must register from a valid email address, which the artists will use to send you promotional material. If you are ready to go beyond that, you can find lots of great music available for free download on this platform.

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These are the top 10 websites that allow you to download music for free and legally. According to the website, you can use the music for personal listening or for commercial purposes. If you’re a content creator, there are tons of other royalty-free music websites you can find with a simple Google search. The only downside is that you won’t find any popular music on these websites. If you want to download music for personal listening, the websites in this article are great resources for free and legal downloads.

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