11. Sound Conservatory, a music studio and store, opening in downtown Rock Island |


A pianist opens a music store and studio in downtown Rock Island called the Sound Conservatory.

A local source of music and book lessons will open this spring in downtown Rock Island called the Sound Conservatory.

Andrzej Kozlowski, a Polish immigrant who grew up in New York City, always wanted to open a music store. He has a degree in concert piano interpretation and performed professionally for several years before retiring and entering the fitness and construction industries.

“A few years ago I decided, ‘I have to be back,’” Kozlowski said.

He and his wife moved to the Quad-Cities in July 2021, in part because of the region’s rich art history, especially music, Kozlowski said.

“When I got here, I discovered that there wasn’t really a local source for music lessons, as well as music accessories and books,” Kozlowski said. “And I always dreamed of owning a music studio, as well as a music store. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to bring something like this to the community.

Kozlowski said he also wanted to be part of the plan for downtown Rock Island to revitalize the area.

His idea for the music studio, Kozlowski said, is to offer professional-level music lessons from graduate music instructors, and also provide a space for local music teachers to access accessories. and books for their students locally.


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