5 best free music download sites



Everyone loves having something for free, right? Well, what if we told you that we found five free music download sites that are completely honest and legitimate? The sites we feature all offer some sort of free audio downloads, giving you a risk-free way to discover new bands and artists.

If you like what you hear and can afford it, you can choose to pay to download more content to support them.

Here are, in alphabetical order, five free music download sites that we love to browse.


Now owned by the music platform and music licensing company Tribe of Noise, the Free Music Archive, or FMA, was founded in 2009 by a radio station WFMU. The site offers free access to original music under an open license.

FMA says tens of millions of visitors download music for personal use every month, and many share and remix FMA music in videos, podcasts, movies, games, apps, and even school projects. .

You can browse the wealth of free music for personal use by genre. These include blues, electronics, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, country, folk, classical, soul, and R’n’B, as well than more specialized categories such as spoken content, experimental audio, and old / historical.

What we particularly like is that these genres are broken down into subgenres. So, for example, electronics has as subcategories jungle, techno, chill-out, trip-hop and dubstep, among others.

You can also perform keyword searches to find content. You can stream music on the site, and when you find a track you like, just click the download arrow. You can also add tracks to your own “mixes”.

5 best free music download sites

FMA users can “tip” an artist if they like what they hear, by sending a donation directly to the artist’s PayPal account.


5 best free music download sites

Jamendo was founded in Luxembourg in 2004 and was the first platform to legally share music from any creator for free under Creative Commons licenses. Jamendo says it’s about “connecting musicians and music lovers from all over the world”.

On Jamendo Music, you can enjoy a catalog of over 500,000 songs shared by 40,000 artists from over 150 countries around the world. You can stream all music for free without logging in.

If you hear something you like and want to download (for personal use only) you need to log in, but it’s a quick and easy process. Once logged in, simply press the “Free Download” button which you will see next to the “Play” button on the track page. Like, share, and add the track to a playlist are all equally easy things to click on.

5 best free music download sites

If you want to use Jamendo Music to discover new music, we recommend that you browse the site’s “Hot Selections”, playlists handpicked by Jamendo’s music experts. You can also use Jamendo’s “Explore” tab to browse communities, playlists and, if you want to find The Next Big Thing, the latest versions.


5 best free music download sites

Since 2006, ReverbNation has offered an online streaming service for artists to promote their work and fans to enjoy. ReverbNation is first and foremost a music streaming service that gives users the ability to purchase music. The platform also allows artists to set different permissions for their content, and some choose to offer free downloads.

If a track on ReverbNation is available for download, you’ll see a small download icon next to the length of the song. Just click on it to save it to your computer.

5 best free music download sites

Some artists and bands may ask you to “like” their page, share their page, or subscribe to their mailing list, but if you’re a fan of that track, that’s not too much of a problem.

We love ReverbNation’s very clean design and simple user interface. You can simply click “Play” on any of the featured collections to discover new music, handpicked by the ReverbNation curatorial team.

You can use the sidebar to browse or see what’s new in your favorite genres. Whenever you find something you like, you can add it to your library or share music with your friends and on social media.


5 best free music download sites

The oldest service we offer, SoundClick is a true pioneer in online music. Founded in 1997 by twin brothers Tanju and Tolgar Canli, SoundClick’s mission is to “work on behalf of artists, to make their music easily accessible online”.

SoundClick is a social music community with particularly robust social features. If you sign up, you get your own profile page with photo albums and video downloads. You can also create your own SoundClick stations.

You can stream and download music from the site. There are plenty of songs available for free download for personal use in MP3 format, but be aware that some are only available for purchase.

Tracks that can be downloaded are easily identified by the download icon on the right side of the screen.

5 best free music download sites

Downloading is super fast and easy. You just need to click on the download button and the download will start instantly.


5 best free music download sites

Launched in 2008, SoundCloud claims to be “the world’s largest music and audio platform”. SoundCloud allows people to discover a wide selection of music from a very diverse community of creators; music and audio creators use SoundCloud to share their content with a global audience so we can enjoy great music, for free, online.

SoundCloud offers music of all genres you would expect. It’s very easy to search by keyword and find a SoundCloud track or playlist that you like the look of. If you hear a song that you particularly like, you can click on it to see if it’s available for free download.

On the web, you can download tracks after logging into your SoundCloud account by clicking the file download button below the waveform.

5 best free music download sites

If you don’t see a download file button, it means that the user who downloaded it did not intend to download it.

You can follow artists to see when they have new content. SoundCloud makes it easy to share music with friends and on social media. The “Share” option gives you the option to share the track on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or send it by email.



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