A lot of “popular music…almost insults people’s intelligence”


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Greta Van Fleet fired a cannon when they debuted about five years ago. With a retro sound, the band immediately topped the rock charts and are now headlining major venues around the world.

While Greta Van Fleet has certainly enjoyed her own share of popularity, bassist Sam Kiszka questions the integrity of much of the “pop music” he hears on the radio today.

Speaking of the band’s latest album, The Battle of Garden’s Gateon the last episode of Resultit is Kyle Meredith with… podcast, Kiszka commented, “It’s kind of the story of mankind…we frame it in a different way, just so you can see it in a different way. The best thing we can hope for is [being] think about it. »

He continued, “We listen to a lot of stuff, not by choice, on some radio stations it’s ‘pop music’, and there’s no substance to it. They tell you exactly what to think and why. And they leave nothing to mystery. And it almost insults people’s intelligence. And that doesn’t give you the chance to blow your brains out and start shooting creatively.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kiszka also revealed that Greta Van Fleet is “quite far into” her next album. Without giving too many details, he said of the band’s upcoming third studio album, “It’s like the whole concept of almost going back to the roots of what we did, kind of bringing our heads back to that time of garage. And don’t spend all that time making it perfect. But just capturing what’s happening and… making it exciting, raw and energetic.

Greta Van Fleet and Gene Simmons of KISS

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Greta Van Fleet is in the midst of a massive North American tour that extends through November. Tickets for upcoming shows are available through Ticketmaster.

Listen to Sam Kiszka’s appearance on Kyle Meredith with… below.

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Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka: A lot of ‘popular music…almost insults the intelligence of the people’
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