A teenage rapper from Malta who lost his music studio to a fire was left speechless by surprise Frank Zammit


An 18-year-old musician who lost all his musical equipment in a fire that hit his family home last weekend has been left speechless and emotional after a radio station pledged to rebuild his entire studio for free.

Alex Micallef spoke to Frank Zammit of Vibe FM for what he thought was an interview about the fire and the Fundraising which he started to help him buy new equipment, a campaign which has so far raised some €3,000 in donations.

However, he began to realize something more was afoot when Frank asked him to clarify exactly what type of mic he had lost in the fire. As Alex confirmed it was a Rode NT1, Frank called a crew member to place the exact same mic on his lap, leaving the young singer visibly confused and overwhelmed.

“I can’t speak,” said Alex when Frank asked him what kind of USB audio interface he had lost.

Frank then confirmed that Vibe intended to call their suppliers to completely rebuild his studio completely free of charge, leaving him free to use the €3,000 he raised to help him and his mum s settle into their new home.

“We need people to continue helping with fundraising as Alex and his mother need to relocate right away,” Frank concludes.

Vibe’s heartfelt act of human kindness is especially fitting given the exact nature of the trauma Alex and his mother went through last weekend.

As well as losing all of their belongings in the blaze, they also had to contend with their neighbors capturing footage of the flames with their phones without first checking to see if the family was unharmed.

“It’s this stupid culture of social media,” Alex’s mother, Anna Babola, said in a interview with Times of Malta. “People came out pointing their phones at our house and it was horrible and uncompassionate.”

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