After his music studio burned down in the Gżira house fire, a young Maltese musician organizes a fundraiser


An 18-year-old musician and rapper launched a public fundraising after losing all of his musical equipment overnight in a fire that struck Gżira’s family home.

“Last night at 3am I got a panicked call from my mother, I rushed home and found my whole studio shattered,” said Alex Micallef, who goes by the surname of 3mg scene. “I lost all my equipment, including an interface, microphone, PC, chair, etc.”

“It took me about seven years to raise the money for this equipment since I work for everything I have. I hate having to do this because I’ve never been one to ask for help, but last night brought me to my knees.

Alex said the fundraiser is for those with spare change and urged people not to donate the money they need for themselves.

“My mom and my pets are fine and that’s what matters,” he said. “Music is my dream and I know many of you have been waiting for the next track, with your help I will be able to slowly rebuild my studio and bring you new music. Thank you very much, I know it may be everywhere but I’m still a little shaken and I haven’t slept yet.

Alex’s house burned down this weekend and, in a interview with Times of Malta, his mother Anna Babola spoke about the horrific experience and said things could have gone even worse.

“We have relatives visiting us from Poland and my son had taken them to see Paceville. If they hadn’t come back early and if we had kept talking, we would all have died,” she said.

“Luckily two of my pets escaped the fire, but one of them was trapped in a burning room for over an hour.”

Firefighters managed to save her blind cat, who had been hiding in a cupboard, with Anna expressing deep gratitude, but the family was left homeless, forced to move in with a friend.

She also reported how her neighbors quickly captured footage of the fire with their phones without first checking to see if the family was unharmed.

“It’s this stupid social media culture,” she said. “People came out pointing their phones at our house and it was horrible and uncompassionate.”

Cover photo: Left: Alex Micallef (Photo: Instagram – ses_3mg), right: Alex Micallef’s music studio after the fire (Photo: Alex Micallef)

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