Bloom Studio Coaching helps dance and music studio owners grow and scale their business


Bloom Studio Coaching teaches entrepreneurs to stop surviving and thrive in their studios.

One of the biggest challenges for dance and music studio owners is building momentum and constantly bringing in new students month after month. With the pandemic, economic disruptions and competitive business landscape, this is more difficult than ever. Bloom Studio Coaching, led by Coach Ashe Caldwell, offers a solution with intuitive coaching services based on unique industry knowledge and know-how.

As a studio owner, Coach Caldwell understands the difficulties of trying and failing to keep a business alive. Before, she was overworked, exhausted and short of funds. It wasn’t until she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that she realized she wasn’t running her business effectively. Coach Caldwell’s approach combines personalized coaching with business optimization and marketing strategies to build a solid system that guarantees profitable results.

She works closely with each client – ​​getting to know their goals, thoughts on success, target customers, and vision – to create a plan aligned with desired outcomes. This plan includes automating workflows and maximizing studio assets to ensure the business runs like a well-oiled machine, even without direct daily input from the owner.

Coach Caldwell also offers ways to improve the company’s website and services, helping owners craft compelling offers that attract new leads and retain engaged and satisfied students.

The main objective is to establish clarity and set the direction of the studio while instilling a spirit of growth and leadership in its clients. According to Coach Caldwell, even the best strategies mean nothing if you don’t have the drive and mindset to achieve your goals. She challenges her clients to be impactful leaders and break free from their limiting beliefs.

Coach Caldwell believes that once business owners become confident leaders, it will trickle down to their departments, their people, and their customers. This will propel the studio forward, transforming it from a struggling business into a thriving and outstanding one.

Bloom Studio Coaching has a solid portfolio of satisfied clients. Thanks to Coach Caldwell’s guidance, many have been successful in their business – expanding their studio, attracting new students, retaining alumni, and growing revenue year after year.

Coach Caldwell offers an 8-week Jump Start program that includes weekly calls, one-on-one assistance, and accountability checks to track client progress and ensure they are on track with their success journey.

Music and dance studio owners who want to scale their business and get the results they’ve been dreaming of can schedule a free discovery call with Coach Caldwell here: Slots are limited.

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