Camilo feels popular Mexican music as his own


The artist was part of the panel organized at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach with composer Edgar Barrera and Eduin Caz.

He said that for him, the barriers of musical genres are lower now. “The barriers between styles have been reduced these days because of diversity. People don’t ask so much what the genre of a song is anymore,” Camilo mentioned.

As an example of this fusion between genres, Camilo mentioned his new song “Alaska”, which is part of his album “De adentro pa’ fuera”, which contains elements of regional Mexican music.

“In Colombia, I listened with my family to popular music from Mexico that we considered our own,” the artist said during the panel.

Eduin Caz, lead singer of Mexican group Firme, agreed with Camilo that the musical styles are similar.

“I think that between the music of the two countries there is a connection,” said the Mexican, who is also part of the collaboration on the song “Alaska”.

Camilo’s speech during Music Week is not the first where he mentions his closeness to popular Mexican music.

On September 6, during the presentation of his new album “De dentro pa fuera”, he revealed that during his childhood he believed that José Alfredo Jiménez was Colombian like him, but over time he discovered that the composer was indeed Mexican. .

“I say this with respect because I was very small and I didn’t know it, but when I was 3 or 4 years old I didn’t know the names of the countries and I didn’t know either that there had flags, I thought José Alfredo Jiménez was Colombian too, it was so much love I felt for José Alfredo and for Los Cadetes de Linares or whatever your music meant in my house, that I thought that was part of this world in which I lived”, he said in a press conference.


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