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Continuing a model of feature documentaries about celebrities made with close involvement of the subjects they represent, Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content division, in partnership with SME Canada and Vermilion Films, has announced the start of production of an untitled feature-length documentary about Celine Dion, the five-time Grammy-winning artist who has sold over 250 million records in her 40-year career.

The film is directed by Vermillion’s principal creator, Irene Taylor, whose first feature documentary, Listen and now, won both a Peabody and Audience Award at Sundance in 2007. His short documentary, The last inch (2009), was nominated for an Oscar.

“I’ve always been an open book with my fans,” Dion said in a statement released by SME, “and with [Tayler’s] sensitivity and thoughtful creativity, I think Irene will be able to show everyone a part of me that they have never seen before… I know she will tell my story in the most honest and sincere way .

The French-Canadian singer, who began recording in her early teens, has been dubbed “The Queen of Contemporary Adult Music” and is perhaps best known for singing the Oscar-winning ballad of Titanic, “My heart Will Go On.”

Irene Taylor
Courtesy of Sony Music

While it is not uncommon for top talent to be involved in such projects – Tina Turner (Tina), Taylor Swift (Miss American) and Led Zeppelin, (Become Led Zeppelin) have all given their blessing to the respective filmmakers behind these documentaries – the process of aligning a subject with a director to tell their story is becoming more and more prevalent, especially when access to personal archives and music rights is at stake. This group of Dion labels is bearing the costs and will act as a distributor, making this access even more beneficial to Taylor. All of the French Canadian’s English language albums have been distributed through the Sony Music family of labels.

In some cases, the subject will claim producer credit, as is the case with Justin Bieber’s upcoming documentary, Our world, or Val Kilmer on Val, on which the actor would have had the final cut.

The process is not always as symbiotic as it looks on paper. Alanis Morrisette reportedly interviewed the directors of the recent bio-doc Shredded, but did not take credit from a producer. She then objected to the content and tone of the film.

It is not clear whether Dion will have producer credit (SME has not responded to requests at press time) or whether the feature will have a theatrical release.

His four-year residency in Las Vegas that began in 2003 is the most successful of all time, grossing over $ 385 million. Later this year, Dion will return to Vegas with a new show at Resorts World Las Vegas, which will begin with 10 performances in November. His Courage world tour, which was cut short in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will resume in North America and Europe in the spring and summer of 2022.


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