Discover the 5 best free music download sites in the world


With the advent of the streaming age, web hackers no longer sail the high seas to download free music. When King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard published Polygoneland in 2017, fans were mesmerized. Not only was it an incredible psych-rock record, but all distribution and marketing rights were given to fans free of charge. That’s right! Legions of King Gizzard fans were able to create their own art, press their own vinyl, and distribute as much as they wanted for a profit. Yet at the bottom of the frenzy was the calm and collected realization that the value of music had finally reached its gradual decline.

With the drastic increase in streaming services around the world, it was just a drop in the ever-growing ocean. Since the early 2000s, I had scoured Limewire for albums and entire discographies to download for free – and gave my computer the viral equivalent of HIV in the process. I rushed to download my favorite albums for free, but now that free music is the norm, I almost wish it was like it was before.

That being said, you can’t stop the machine, so here are the 5 best free music download sites on the web.

Fancy 7pm discography and David Bowie live albums for free? We’ve sorted out all your free music downloading dreams from the comfort of the web.


The best thing about Jamendo is that every artist has agreed to release music for the audience. This means that there is no hacking and you can sleep easy at night knowing you have a clear conscience.

Plus, you know their search engine is highly optimized to help you discover new music. There is a ‘Latest Music’ feature to see all the top trending artists, as well as Jamendo radio channels. That way when you find an artist you like, you can download an entire song or album.

Much like Spotify, they also have a lot more playlists conceptualized as Girls On The Rise, Funk Frenzy, Best Of July etc. To top it off with a very tasty icing on the cake, Jamendo doubles as a streaming service, meaning you only have to download something if you like it.

To download Jamendo here.


I’ll just be blunt and say it. Amazon will want you to upgrade to the paid version of its younger brother. However, if you keep that in mind, there is a ton of amazing free music to download!

Amazon’s selection is actually quite amazing and features new releases from many famous artists including all Foo fighters To Billie Eilish To Sharon van etten.

Also, once you download a few free MP3s from Amazon’s free music download section, you can take them anywhere. This includes any smartphone, starting with iPhone (iOS) and Android devices.

To verify Amazon music here.


Much like Jamendo, Soundclick has gathered many signed and unsigned artists by their side to enable people to download their music and enjoy overwhelming happiness forever! Hence, Soundclick is the ultimate portal to find free music downloads and it is morally crystal clear.

Yes, no more long nights awake in bed meditating on the survival of your favorite artists. With SoundClick, you can browse music charts and genres until you find a free music download that you would like to have, then listen or download that song.

You can also create your own personalized radio stations, meet and greet other listeners based on common interests, and follow your favorite Soundclick artists.

To verify Click here.


ReverbNation is a first choice if you want to discover new underground artists. Again, not all of the songs here are downloadable, but this is a nifty and fully functional streaming service to run on your web browser.

The Discover page is a great place to start, otherwise you can search by genre in the ratings section. Various great artists like imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars started on ReverbNation, so it’s definitely worth it.

Go to ReverbNation here.

Sound cloud

SoundCloud is essentially a free streaming service. But many artists also allow free downloads. You need to do a search and you might even need to like a Facebook page here and there, but you’ll see a free music download option if the artist has it enabled.

Keep in mind that many great artists just stream. Most major label artists actually have contracts that actually prohibit the authorization of free downloads. While this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it does make finding free downloads a bit more difficult.

However, Soundcloud is still an amazing medium and a social hub for discovering and listening to great new music. We hope they will include a dedicated free download channel very soon!

Go to Soundcloud here.


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