Early childhood music studio wins international award


EDWARDSVILLE – “Kindermusik with Ellen Singh” has been named Top Program by Kindermusik International.

Singh is an early childhood music specialist at “Kindermusik with Ellen Singh”. The Kindermusik Top Program award recognizes excellence in creating an expansive program and reaching many families in the community with the famous music and movement program that promotes early childhood education.

“This award is meaningful to me because it confirms my passion and my goal to offer the” magic “of the Kindermusik experience at a high level of excellence and to as many children and families as possible who can do the most. benefit from this musical education, ”Singh mentioned.

Kindermusik is a children’s music program, founded by Dan Pratt, who while studying in Cologne, Germany, discovered a program for young children to learn through music. Determined to bring this educational approach to families around the world, he introduced Kindermusik’s first classes in 1978. Grounded in educational theory, Kindermusik’s research-based curriculum is designed to recognize the potential of every child and establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Kindermusik International Inc. has been the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children for over 40 years and is used by thousands of educators, schools and other accredited organizations in over 60 countries. With a full range of classes for children from birth to age 7, as well as books, albums and more, Kindermusik promotes whole-child development and nurtures a love of learning through learning. joy of music.

“Kindermusik programs have a mission: to help children become better learners and to help parents understand how to help them reach their full potential,” said Scott Kinsey, CEO of Kindermusik International.

“Kindermusik with Ellen Singh” joins the top 200 programs identified as the world’s best educators who teach Kindermusik. Singh started offering Kindermusik in 2004. Over the years, his program has reached hundreds of families.

Singh officially became a member of the Edwardsville Faculty of Southern Illinois University about 15 years ago, offering summer play dates every year since joining the SIUE Music Department, under the direction of her Suzuki program, of which Singh’s four children have been or are a part. The Suzuki program is aimed at children, from 3 years old, in the development of strings usually starting with the violin, but can also include the cello, bass, etc.

“This program is rooted in the idea of ​​the Suzuki Method, where children learn to hear and play music before reading and writing music,” Singh explained. “Then when you start reading in school, the kids start reading and writing music, as part of the program. “

The Ellen Singh program with Kindermusik is multi-tiered, offering a basic class, called “Village”, for infants up to about 1.5 years old; then level 1, “Sing & Play” and level 2, “Our Time”, for children aged 1½ to 3 years; and, level 3, “Laugh and learn”, for children aged 1½ to 4 years.

“I have always focused on preschool, mainly from birth to age 5,” Singh said. “The program is designed by experts in music and child development, harnessing all of these different things that are happening developmentally. I have had lessons with children as young as 8 weeks old.

Singh’s own blog at www.kindermusikwithellensingh.blogspot.com describes Kindermusik with Ellen Singh as a music and movement program with a program for children from birth to 7 years old. Classes provide a holistic musical and learning experience in the critical early years of young children and their families. This developmental program, guided by a proven methodology, she said, combines music and childhood development, providing opportunities to nurture child / parent relationships and gain a lifelong love of music. and learning by a licensed educator.

“In each Kindermusik class, you are welcomed into a fun and stimulating environment where your child will experience music of various styles, genres and cultures,” said Singh. “They will interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm and vocal activities that will develop more than just musical skills.

“Our approach to early childhood education and award-winning, research-based, developmentally appropriate programs promote children’s success in school and in life. “

Musically, it has its foundations in many years of piano and flute lessons, as well as having learned to play the electric bass guitar on her own. She performed in various groups in high school and college. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to perform as a flautist in her church and in various community orchestras across the country, as well as to teach flute lessons.

Singh’s lifelong passion and joy has been her experience working in the music business alongside young children and their families, she noted. A graduate of both Evansville University, with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and interpersonal communications, and the University of Illinois, with a master’s degree in social work with a licensed master social worker license, Singh has a wide range of educational and clinical experiences, including developmental, group dynamics and relationship building, which are essential in teaching music to children and their families.

Singh taught the pre-reading music theory class of the SIUE Suzuki program from 2005 to 2011. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at SIUE and Lewis and Clark Community College, where she teaches a course called “Music for the Preschool Teacher.” .

“Another component of my SIUE job, over the past two years, and one that I absolutely adore, is their huge Head Start program in St. Clair County in East St. Louis,” Singh said. “I had the privilege of visiting each of their seven sites and the East St. Louis School District. I fell in love, love it and absolutely hope to do it again.

Singh, who has been licensed with Kindermusik since 2004, offers her Kindermusik program with Ellen Singh through SIUE and through her “Move & Groove” classes at LCCC Music Preparatory School in Godfrey, with enrollment and registration through the LCCC music department at 618- 468-4731.

For more information on Singh’s program, email him at [email protected], call 618-792-6190 or visit www.siue.edu/kindermusik or www.lc.edu/kindermusik.


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