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Ed Sheeran’s daughter helped him find his “purpose” outside of music.

The chart-topping pop star has 15-month-old Lyra with wife Cherry Seaborn, and Ed has revealed how her baby girl has changed her life.

Ed, 30 – who married Cherry in 2019 – said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: “I just found out I really didn’t have a goal outside of [music] because when I gave myself a fixed time without work, I wasn’t doing anything that I liked because I like to make music. And [being a dad] actually gave me a purpose and something in life that is actually more important than my job. “

Ed is one of the best-selling artists in the world, but he described fatherhood as “the best thing that ever happened. [to him]”.

The Castle on the Hill hitmaker added, “I think there are so many different sides and shapes. There are hard days, there are amazing and easy days. These are just roller coasters. ’emotions. I know that sounds like a cliché to say, but it’s amazing. I love it. “


Ed also revealed that his creative process has changed since becoming a dad.

He said: “I’m very structured with my day now, so as usual if I was in the studio I would sort of work until it was done.”

Ed knows he now has to structure his days around his little girl and her needs.

The pop star explained, “I feel like with a kid you need a structured work day. You can’t work until two in the morning.”

Ed also played some of his new songs on Lyra.

He shared, “I don’t know if it’s because she recognizes my voice, but I played some of the new stuff on her and yeah, she’s just cool now.”



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