Ex-Arsenal star Iwobi reveals his music studio – Studio 17


In his spare time, the Everton midfielder dabbles in music and has a studio at his home in the North West.

When Alex Iwobi isn’t slicing nutmegs and dropping shoulders and feints, he passes and directs midfield for Everton. Like many other footballers who have found a second world in another art, Iwobi also loves his music, so much so that he has a studio at home – Studio 17 named after his shirt number.

“As a child, I always liked to listen to music. Going to school, on the bus, everywhere I go. my family likes music, a few other families (around us) like music. At 6 years old, me and my friends just go to studios for fun i said every time i get a house and settle down i would love to… i don’t want to leave my house i’m comfortable in my house so I ended up building this (the studio).

“It’s nice and doesn’t take me out of the house. I will say 80% of the time I am here just to relax. Even if I don’t listen to music, I’m just here to relax,” he told Everton TV.

At the time, Taribo West, a former Super Eagles defender also appeared and sang in a music video composed by African Serie A footballers including the current Liberian President, George Weah, with Ronaldo De Lima, Zinedine Zidane and Alessandro Del Piero among the players watching in the audience.


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