Free kids music download just for a big birthday



If you like children’s music as much as us then you should be sure to follow our friends Stefan Shepherd through his website Zooglobe, and Bill Childs through his hugely popular weekly radio show, Spare the stone, spoil the child. Not only will you be exposed to some really fantastic family music from names you know and those you probably don’t know, but you can also get free downloads from special collaborations. That you’ll want to add to your playlists.

In fact, this week you can grab a new song When I am ten years old by two of our favorite bands, The Non-Sound! and Recreation monkey.

Created in honor of Zooglobble’s tenth anniversary and Spare the Rock’s ninth anniversary, When I am ten years old is a song that celebrates the first decade of life, with lyrics that will make you laugh at how ten-year-olds think they are ‘grown up’. I imagine any of you, parents of fifth graders and beyond, will get an extra boost.

And stay tuned: Stefan and Bill promise more new songs to come in the coming year. I think that means they are giving us gifts.

When I am ten years old of Recess Monkey and The Not-Its is only available for a limited time, so download it now! And happy birthday to Stefan and Bill – thank you for all you do to promote great, sweet music that the whole family can actually enjoy together.

[Photo Credit: Omer Wazir via Compfight cc]



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