Grimes admits to hacking, extorting and blackmailing Popular Music Blog


Earlier this month, Grimes inadvertently revealed to vanity lounge that she and Elon Musk secretly welcomed their second child in December via surrogate, but that wasn’t the only juicy treat she let loose.

As technology and security expert Jackie Singh pointed out on his websitethe singer also sat down with VF for a segment titled “Reframed”, where the subject sees important photos from their life and is asked to tell the story behind them. When an infamous 2012 photo of Grimes kissing another woman emerged, a smile crept across her face.

“Oh yeah, ok, so this one is funny, I always wanted to tell the story of this one,” Grimes said. “Back then, before the ‘woke’ era, I got canceled for that, which is so crazy. I was just at a party with my friends, someone took this picture and she leaked on this website called Hipster Runoff. And it ran this story. I was trying to be totally honest, and you know, start my career, and it was like ‘Grimes Gone Wild’ or something and it was just this super mean story, and it was this meme that was going all over the internet.”

This wasn’t the first negative piece HRO has released about the electronic artist, and this time it did something about it. “My friend who worked for – I won’t say which video game – had access to – ok, I don’t want to get him in trouble. But anyway, we actually managed to DDoS Hipster Runoff and blackmail them,” Grimes divulged. And he, in fact, withdrew the story. It was my coolest hacking moment.

Watch the full “Reframed” video above.


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