‘Gucci Armani’ Fame Simranjeet Singh Shines With Popular Music



Putting Punjabi on the pedestal and reigning the chartbusters with his sheer dedication and popular tunes, Simranjeet Singh, has come and gone.

Born and raised in the capital (New Delhi), Simranjeet has demonstrated unwavering growth, talent and dedication in his field and career. A popular name among fans with his tracks, Simranjeet is equally popular and respected among other aspiring artists, such as Raftaar, Badshah, Bohemia and more, with whom he has collaborated.

Simranjeet Singh pursued his MBA and found a place for himself on the corporate ladder, but deep down he was always an artist and ultimately decided to follow his passion. His song “Gucci Armani” went viral within hours of its release and became the hottest song of all time.

His true calling has been performing on stage, Simranjeet catches your attention on stage and with his sublime and moving music, lyrics and voice, it is no surprise that his concerts are always highly sought after and sought after events by music lovers. .

Simranjeet’s sensational second hit song, Vroom Vroom, has also gone viral and remains one of the most viewed songs on social media. With brilliant lyrics and catchy music and of course its velvety voice, the song has garnered 25 million hits and is counting in record time.

Her recent song “Thodi Wala til” with Bohemia topped 15 million views and her song “Cadillac” topped 5 million views.

With his social media presence and talent, we can only hope that Simranjeet Singh continues to win our hearts with every release and experience greater success.

'Gucci Armani' Fame Simranjeet Singh Shines With Popular Music

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