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The Hobart Art Theater is a local entertainment venue that is the perfect place to enjoy live performances. The theater has been part of the Hobart community since 1941 and has recently been upgraded to host performances.

“It opened in 1941 as a single-screen movie theater and stayed pretty much that way until 2018 when the previous owner was trying to incorporate more live entertainment and things like that,” said co-owner Shane Evans. “It’s not that simple, but we bought it in 2019, and then we really changed and transformed everything at that time by setting up professional sound and lighting production, expanding the stage and all that good stuff.”

Evans and his team are able to provide a local venue where community members can come together to experience live music. Residents of Hobart and surrounding areas can come to the theater and meet like-minded people while enjoying the concert.

“Music is designed to bring people together and have a common passion for the music they’re listening to at the time. Anytime you can get 500 people in a room who can agree on one thing, that’s a win,” Evans said.

The theater now hosts events virtually every weekend, including concerts by popular artists and tribute bands, comedy shows, and other national acts. Planning and organizing these events can be difficult and problems can easily arise, but the theater staff is committed to providing the best experience for its guests.

“It doesn’t always go as well as I would like, but we have a great team in place, from our promotions teams or our talent buyers to our management staff. They now have a good idea of ​​how things work and how they work,” Evans said. “The standards are always high. We always want to shine. We always want to be the best and we always want to make sure our customers see that. It’s a huge effort by band.

The Hobart Art Theater team goes to great lengths to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience and sometimes are not able to enjoy the positive atmosphere of the event. Hard work pays off when employees are able to see the impact the theater has on the community and how much fun the guests are having.

“I should stop once in a while and take a look, but there is always so much going on that sometimes we lose sight of our impact on others and on the community. Seeing people smile and laugh and sing and dance, make people happy and see them enjoying this moment that we’ve worked hard for is definitely my favorite part of it all.

The hard work Evans and his team put into the events doesn’t always end in a big payoff, but the real reward at the end of the night is getting to see the impact the theater has on the community.

“Like any small business, sometimes it feels like a labor of love. It’s not always about putting what you put into it or you might not get the financial return you always want, but sometimes it it’s about more than money and making people really happy and doing a great thing for our region.

Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery, former Motley Crue singer John Corabi and countless other artists will soon be coming to the Hobart Arts Theatre. For tickets and more information, please visit facebook.com/HobartArtTheatre/ or brickartlive.com. For more information on the City of Hobart, please visit cityofhobart.org.


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