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Derrick Don Divin Irambona went from covering former Rwandans (Karahanyuze) to producing songs through Don Legacy, a music studio he opened in March 2021.

He produces music in close collaboration with his director, Alviz Organ of Alviz Pictures and has worked with various artists like Marius Bison, D Poly, Jouese from Canada, Denise from the United States and Christian from Dubai to name a few. some.

Derrick was a DJ for five years at various high schools like TTC Save and Byimana School of Sciences, an experience that he says inspired him to start producing music. According to him, his skills have improved because he can now manufacture standard products.

The zealous musician is known to have covered ‘karahanyuze’ songs such as Gikundiro / Nyamibwa y’Igikundiro by François Nkurunziza and Ntacica Nk’irungu by Canjo Ammis where he uses guitar and piano.

He shares that he liked this particular kind of music because of the beauty of their composition and started doing covers for them.

“I noticed that these songs faded over time and decided to do something so that people could enjoy them again. This is how I found myself covering them up and I really appreciate how people appreciated my work, ”he said.

His singing talent came from his parents, having also been singers in their early years. He started writing songs in 2008 while in elementary schools, but released his premiere in 2012.

For him, music has greatly contributed to the person he is today.

“Thanks to the music, I found myself and endless joy. Music has given me real friends and people who have changed my life. Today I have fans from different parts of the world and they really love what I do. I love to see them enjoy my music. It’s a piece of my dream come true, ”he said.

“Besides making friends and happiness, I also make money from music and own a music studio and can now clearly visualize my dreams.”

His first song is called “Population” and his current original song is called “Urubavu”.

Like many artists, he still faces a lack of sufficient capital to develop his music professionally and gain a prominent place on TV and radio stations.

However, he aims to improve his music and work more on the original songs he wrote so that he can release his first album.

For more information, you can contact him on social networks: Derrick Don Divin (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

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