Insurance for personal loans and consumption

personal loan

When you buy a personal loan, your goal is also to protect yourself and your loved ones. For this was created the personal loan insurance that will support the repayment of your monthly payments in case of default on your part (unemployment, indebtedness, inability to work …) or fully in case of death. It is therefore important to choose your personal credit insurance

Credit organizations and loan insurance


The vast majority of credit organizations make it easier for you to lend to loan insurance. Nobody is safe from accidents during his life, you will also have to choose a personal loan insurance , well defined according to your profile.

Choosing the right type of insurance

An offer covering the most common cases in order to secure your loan as much as possible. But be careful not to subscribe to any insurance at any price!

Real Estate Loan Insurance Solution

Real Estate Loan Insurance Solution


For a mortgage loan insurance for example, it is the bank that will define the type of coverage needed for your mortgage. You will have to pass a health questionnaire, and the bank also take into account your professional status.

Personal credit insurance

Personal credit


Whether it’s a personal loan or a home loan, it’s important to play the competition for your loan insurance. For your mortgage, going through a credit insurance broker like Loan Insurance will allow you at first … not to lose, to solicit insurers one by one. Then, the broker can offer you through its list of partners an offer tailored to your profile (young borrower, senior borrower, practicing sports at risk, risky job, patient …). This offer will be the most competitive on the market because Cheap Loan Insurance has special rates with the best insurers.

Comparative simulation personal loan insurance

personal loan


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