Irvine: Big plans to record bands in a new music studio


Irvine’s band’s new rehearsal studio set up to support the region’s next generation of budding musical talent has revealed big plans for expansion in recording as well as the delivery of live virtual entertainment.

Ellis Music Studios was launched in Townhead earlier in the year by Sidesplitters Comedy Club boss Jamie Haining and Scott Booth – both of whom hope to help boost musical talent in the area after a difficult year amid the pandemic of coronavirus.

Jamie told The Times, “We’re going a step further, we’ve got the recording studio set up and we’re taking reservations now. We have brought in an additional partner who will take care of the registration.

“There is a waiting list for a Wednesday night now, it’s cool.

“What we also do is a little different is that we aim to open up as a digital place where we can bring small groups of people into the studio and then stream them through Facebook live or l one of the other options is the plan.

“It’s a valuable lesson I think because there are a lot of places that have struggled with everything that has happened and in the future we have all this technology that we can use, people. should adopt it and continue to use it. ”

Scott Booth previously told The Times: “We started the studio because there aren’t a lot of good rehearsal rooms in Ayrshire, and there are a lot of musicians in Ayrshire who have to make it to. Glasgow to train in decent rooms.

“We have booked reservations and studio two is expected to be finished within the next week, which will allow us to have more people in prime time.

“We hope the studio will be a great thing as we don’t have a lot of them in the area – having another location in North Ayrshire to allow new bands to come out will be extremely beneficial.

“Bands like to have a place they can go fairly locally – if everywhere else is full they have to take a train to Glasgow – which can be a massive event if you take guitars, cymbals and snares.

“We are looking for sponsors who would like to get involved in this event and help inspire the next generation of budding musicians. ”

For more information on Ellis Studios, simply visit the website or


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