Legendary musician Bob Dylan is selling his music catalog to Sony Music Entertainment for around $200 million


Bob Dylan received a staggering $200 million paycheck when he sold his music catalog to Sony Music Entertainment.

It’s been just a month into 2022 and barely two weeks since Bruce Springsteen topped the list of highest-paid musicians of 2021, and here we have another legendary music icon following suit by selling the its entire music catalog to Sony Music Entertainment. Bob Dylan’s entire music catalog has been acquired by his longtime record label, Sony Music Entertainment, for $150-200 million. At the end of 2020, Bob Dylan sold his music catalog to Universal Music Publishing for a colossal figure of 400 million dollars. While that’s enough to set the average man up for life, it still hasn’t topped the $550 million in paycheck cashing Springsteen received in December 2021.

According to reports from Koimoi.com, in addition to all of his recorded work since 1962, which includes the musician’s 39th studio album titled “Rough and Rowdy Ways” from 2020, the deal even includes the rights to future new ones. versions. It’s part of a six-decade relationship deal between Dylan and Sony, which he believes he’s been fully compensated for throughout their musical joint venture.

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Dylan had this to say about his relationship with the record label: “Columbia Records and Rob Stringer have been nothing but good to me for many, many years and on many records. I’m glad all of my recordings can stay. where they belong.” It looks like a man who is satisfied with his piece of the pie. He signed with Columbia Records, which is owned by Sony Music Entertainment, in October 1961, marking the 60th anniversary of Dylan’s music career that year. celebration, the Bob Dylan Center is also set to open in May this year and will feature much of Dylan’s personal library which he himself donated.

As mentioned above, Dylan’s contract with SME grants them access to his current and future projects. One such project the musician has collaborated on with the billion-dollar music label is a number of catalog reissues in what is known as Contraband Serieswhich began in 1991.

Although the deal was made final in July 2021, he did not make Rolling Stone’s Top 10 list of highest paid musicians of 2021, which included Bruce Springsteen who also sold his musical masters to Sony for 550 millions of dollars ; Motley Crue’s music catalog was obtained by BMG for $90 million; Paul Simon also sold his catalog to Sony for $260 million, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sold their recorded editions to Hipgnosis for $140 million.

Rumor has it that the next major catalog sale may come from fellow music legend, Phil Collins. In January 2022, it was reported that Collins’ manager was looking to put the artist’s musical recordings on the market for over $200 million. It seems that many music industry veterans are looking for one last mega sale before official retirement.

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