Lincoln County deputies are investigating Friday night’s homicide at a music studio


Lincoln County authorities are investigating a homicide that took place Friday night.

According to Lincoln County Deputy Coroner Ricky Alford, 22-year-old La’Curtis Hackett was shot at a friend’s house near Mill Creek Road.

Sheriff Steve Rushing said around 5:30 p.m. that dispatch received a call about a shooting at a music studio at that residence. Three people were at the house when the door was kicked in and an assailant reportedly entered inside and shot Hackett multiple times.

Hackett was taken to King’s Daughters Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. So far, police are unaware of a motive, and all they currently know about the suspect is that he is a black male.

If you have information about this crime, please call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 601-833-5231.

Just over two weeks ago, a grand jury declined to indict Hackett in the 2020 shooting death of Austin Wanzo. At the time, authorities said Wanzo, 20, of Summit, had shot in the back with a Springfield XD .45 ACP semi-automatic handgun near the intersection of Summit Street and Higgins Drive.

Hackett alleged that he accidentally shot Wanzo while they were sitting in another man’s car.

The McComb Enterprise Journal reportAt the time Police Chief Garland Ward said that despite the accidental shooting allegations, Hackett had been charged with murder because the handgun had an internal safety system that did not allow it to misfire.


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