Logic Pro X vs. Ableton Live: Showdown with a professional music studio


Technology has always had rivalries, like iPhone versus Android Where PlayStation versus Xbox. But have you heard of the great rivalry between digital audio workstations, the software packages used to record and mix music? There’s Logic vs. Ableton, Pro Tools vs. Nuendo, and many more possible matchups.

DAW wars have always been serious. Audio fanboys have their favorites and are passionate about their choices. Apples Logic Pro X software package just received a major update earlier this year. It introduced a tool called Live Loops, a clear shot through rival software’s arcs Ableton Liveusing a similar interface to trigger and execute MIDI sequences and audio loops, referred to here as clips.

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Always wanting to expand my horizons, I made it my mission to produce a song in both Logic Pro X and Ableton Live Suite 10 to find out how they compare.

I usually use Professional tools, so it was a new experience for me too, learning to navigate my way through each interface, figuring things out as you go. I judged DAWs on their ease of use, creativity, interface, and price.


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Logic Pro X, $200

This Mac-only system is easy to use and downloadable to any compatible Apple device you own. Coupled with the Logic Pro app on your phone to control Logic on your PC, Logic Pro X is a powerful and flexible tool for audio production.


Screenshot by Stephen Beacham/CNET

Ableton Live Suite $10.799

Ableton Live Suite 10 is a favorite of musicians performing live. The interface is simple and easy to use and, with a controller like the Ableton Push 2, can be a powerful tool for writing and playing music. The higher price and the need for a USB or MIDI controller might steer some musicians towards a more affordable option.

You can watch the (vlog-style!) video above as I go through the whole process and see what I liked best at the end, but both systems are awesome and your decision will likely come down to your budget and your material needs.

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