Music Studio Essentials: Vicetone shares their favorite studio gear


There’s more to a music studio than DAWs, synths and equipment. A music studio should foster a sense of creativity and comfort, which means having a few extra pieces of equipment is essential if you want to create the best music possible in the space.

So when we had the opportunity to interview Vicetone ahead of the release of their latest single, we jumped at the chance to find out what studio extras they have in their studio that they deem essential for making music in the world. highest possible level.

But before we dive into the essentials of their studio, let’s listen to their latest work of art.

Stream Vicetone’s latest single below

Vicetone - My Heart's on Fire (feat. Qvckslvr) (Art)

by Vicetone the sound is a blend of subtle melodic elements delivered with a breathtaking burst of energy. Their latest single, “My Heart’s On Fire”, continues this legacy.

With tall builds, warped lead synthsand a pumping momentum reminiscent of many of our early rave days, the track has all the pieces in place to be a fall banger.

The vocals keep the track interesting from start to finish and provide a heartfelt contrast to the rest of the composition. Qvckslvr’s talent on the mic is in great shape and provides an enchanting backdrop for the rest of the layers to unfold below.

We love how this song progresses from a euphoric melodic section to this massive, gripping drop. We tested it on our summer tour and the drop is a real crowd pleaser. It’s a combination we don’t hear very often and it struck us as refreshing and exciting. Paired with Qvckslvr’s relatable, nostalgic yet catchy vocals, it’s a song we’re passionate about!– Viceton

A 75-inch LG OLED TV

Screen real estate is a thing, even in music production! I love having a giant screen in front of me and being able to oversee the whole project at a glance. And after working on a big TV screen for years, it’s impossible to go back to normal monitors. There’s nothing like using an OLED TV for your daily work.

Philips Hue lights up everywhere

A comfortable working environment is everything. And the Hue lights allow me to create a very comfortable studio ambiance and fine-tune it, using a dimmer or just using my phone.

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Recommended items

During the day we usually have the lights very bright, and as night approaches we will dim the lights and make the mood more purple. You’d be surprised how much comfort lights will change the mood of a room.


Klean Kanteen Insulated 1L the water bottle

It is made of 90% recycled stainless steel materials, it is heat resistant and can hold a liter of water or the drink of your choice.

Staying hydrated in the studio is essential!


Making music together should be fun, but also comfortable for the person who isn’t sitting behind the desk, and that’s where the Lovesac comes in.

It’s extremely comfortable and cozy and we can’t even imagine our studios without a big Lovesac in it.


Herman Miller Embody Chair

We sit and work in our studios for many hours a day, so we have to sit comfortably, right? Herman Miller is one of our favorite chair brands and Embody is our favorite model.

We also recently received the Herman Miller Cosm – another comfortable and rather stylish office chair. We often alternate between the two chairs. We can’t go back to cheaper office chairs anymore.

2x Genelec 7370A subwoofers

More (and more accurate) bass is essential for any music producer. We use two Genelec 7370A subwoofers for this reason and have calibrated them extensively to ensure the low end is punchy and accurate even in low volume situations. By the way, the submarines themselves are also huge and look imposing.


RME Fireface UFX+ audio interface

The audio interface that we like the most is one of the most reliable technologies that we use daily in our studios.

Never fails, never fails, always works and offers crystal clear sound and many connection possibilities for sound sources and outputs. A true audio interface powerhouse and absolutely essential for us – you can’t go wrong with RME


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