Music studio thrives in 400-year-old catacombs beneath the streets of Bath



Hidden in the 400-year-old catacombs under Pulteney Bridge is a thriving music studio.

The aptly named Cave Music Studio’s offers a truly unique recording setting for making music in the ancient catacombs.

Joe Stas, 30, and Uvonji Uzele, known as Vonj, manage the space, which first opened in 2016 and they plan to expand it further.

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Mr Stas said: “It was a storage area for the Bath Rugby Club before Vonj turned it into a studio. I came after he already installed it

“The catacombs were designed to protect homes above flooding when the River Avon regularly burst its banks hundreds of years ago.

The Caveman Studios

“It’s an incredible space that has a unique acoustic quality. Vonj is the musician of our partnership, he is a Jazz musician who wanted to create a unique space.

“The space was naturally a bit of a mess and we are still working. We are community based and work a lot with the community of street musicians, we provide a space for them to come and practice, record and store their instruments. .

“The kind of people who come here are focused on their passion, not their career.”

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Mr Stas admitted that being in the Catacombs occasionally can have a “strange” feel due to their rich history in Bath.

There have been many rumors about what was going on in the streets of the city at the time when there was a firm division between the rich and the poor of the river and the city.

Mr Stas said: ‘I’ve been told old rumors about what happened here at the time and let’s just say some of them were disreputable.

“It might seem odd when I first walk into the hallway, but to be honest the friendly energy we brought to the place wins out.

“We make sure that our prices are really affordable for the musicians, we have had opera stars, bands as well as singer-songwriters and we’re pretty full.

Uvonji uzele
Uvonji uzele

“This is why we are looking to expand into other catacombs. There are four more here that are not in use at the moment, you should crawl there now and they will need to be reused and tanked, but this is a exciting possibility.

“We would like to provide more space for people to come down and maybe even put on a Speak Easy one day.”

Cave Man Studio is accessed via Pultney Bridge and is on Spring Garden’s Road via a “hobbit hole shaped gate” to add to the atmosphere.

To learn more, visit their site here.



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