New Richmond music studio aims to be a hub of musical innovation


New music studio opened in mid-October aims to connect musicians from different cultural backgrounds

A new Richmond-based music studio that provides rehearsal space as well as recording capacity aims to become a creative hub where artists of all genres come together to make music – without disturbing their neighbors.

“We see ourselves as a bunch of local musicians who hope to have fun with like-minded people,” said Alan Chen, one of the founders of Deal Studio, located in Riverside Industrial Park just west. of No. 5 Road. .

The founders of the studio are hosting an open house on October 16 for people to experience their newly furnished recording consoles, instruments and recording equipment.

“Opening a music studio in a multicultural city like Richmond is going to be so much fun. We think the studio will be transformed into a cultural hub to connect everyone,” said Iver Zhang, the studio’s music producer.

Zhang imagines people from different cultural backgrounds working together to create innovative sounds and push creativity across different genres.

“In the future, we might try to combine traditional Chinese music with musical elements from other cultures, such as the Scottish flute or native percussion. There is no right or wrong in music. In art, everything has a reason to exist, ”added Zhang. .

Chen said the studio’s name came from his best friend’s favorite response – “Okay, okay! “

“We have been very serious with our business, having spent the last eight years playing in the band and performing on stage, (however) thinking of a name for our studio only took a few seconds,” Chen added.

Chen’s band was founded in a Richmond basement in 2014 and has performed at various local nursing homes and community events.

At first, after finishing a show, “Some seniors kindly told us that the drums were a bit loud and loud. So we changed our music to softer tunes and they turned out to like it, ”smiled Chen, adding that they could change their style of music to suit everyone’s taste.

Chen said the Deal music studio will provide music training for students of different ages and, with the help of an experienced music producer, will help local musicians produce their next album.

Zhang noted that beginners often feel intimidated by pimples and pimples, but he’s there to guide the process.

As a detail-oriented person, Zhang and the construction team have put enormous effort into creating a quality musical rehearsal space where performers will not be asked to “cool off.”

“During the construction period, I arrived at the studio at 7:00 am every morning and stayed there until midnight to work with the construction team to create a soundproof room that allows everyone to play in privacy. and freedom, ”Zhang said.

The open house event will take place on October 16 starting at 10:30 a.m.


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