Newly opened downtown music studio resonating with locals



A new local business has been making noise downtown and in the community since opening this fall.

The Wee Ones Music Studio is a new space launched in September, which offers families and individuals a space to learn and introduce themselves to music, especially for the youngest.

“Basically, I wanted to give families the opportunity to have a joyful musical experience together for children aged zero to 12,” said Julia Dobbin, owner and operator of the studio.

“Sometimes these young children, especially (who) I take care of, don’t always have the opportunity to attend classes until they are older.”

She explained that most children will not be introduced to activities such as sports until they reach the age required to enroll in primary school.

Its courses are aimed at families, in groups or alone and introduce the youngest to music very early on.

Dobbin is trained as a saxophonist and teacher. She has a degree in education and has a history in private music education.

“A few years ago I started tutoring and just felt like a part was missing. I wanted to be able to offer this experience of learning music, but for the younger ones.

Dobbin said she had a rough start in her business, being a first-time business owner, as well as a new mother.

In addition, she explained that music education is an industry in which word of mouth is crucial in developing a regular following.

“I knew the start would be slower, but now that I have had a few families that have survived over the past couple of months that word of mouth is starting to spread and I’m really, really optimistic that coming the new year, I think things will really get better for me, ”she said.

“I’m starting to have more and more families contacting me like, ‘hey, my neighbor took the music class with their kids and they loved it and you should go,’ so that’s great. ”

Although his classes are in person, Dobbin has kept classes small in order to maintain a good social distance between his clients.

It also offers private lessons to family or individual groups. These include saxophone lessons, piano lessons for beginners or lessons in small family groups.

“I definitely found my niche … I’m still a teacher at heart, but I really loved having the freedom to design my own classes and create different learning opportunities,” she said. declared.

“A highlight for me is seeing the joy a parent feels with their child when they come to class and find an activity that they both connect with. ”

She said her next steps would be to encourage more children between the ages of eight and 12 to attend classes.



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