Pakistani group Strings disband after 33 years of music making, Entertainment News


It will be the end of an incredible era. Thursday, popular Pakistani Group Strings announced that he was lowering the curtains. Composed of two members – Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, the band created memorable tunes for 33 years and captured the imaginations of South Asian music lovers.

The announcement was made on their official Instagram page. “Hi guys. This post is a little different than usual. We have decided that today, 3/25/2021, is the day we can graciously wrap up STRINGS,” the post read.

The past 33 years have been amazing for both of us. It’s so rare to have the chance to be able to do things like this and we are infinitely grateful to all of our fans for making this possible. We hope you found it useful as well.

The statement added that the two musicians will continue to share a special bond. “Although the band is technically no longer together, we both share an inseparable bond that will connect us no matter where life takes us. Thank you very much for everything, ”the post concludes.

What started as a college group of four in the 1980s, with their first hit “Sar Kiye Ye Pahad”, reinvented itself in 2000 after breaking up in the 1990s. In 2000, Maqsood and Kapadia got together. came together and created the hit ‘Duur’ which relaunched the popularity of the group.

They created hits like “Dhani” and “Na Jaane Kyu” and even sang songs for two Bollywood films, “Zinda” and “Shootout at Lokhandwala”.

The two musicians were also instrumental in the production and creation of music for Pakistani popular music show ‘Coke Studio’ and worked on four seasons of the show.


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