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The iTunes Store is a big winner when it comes to downloading legal music, but it comes at a cost. Songs typically cost $ 0.99, and full albums can be very close to the price you see in stores. When you consider that you can only play the songs you buy on a limited number of computers, the prices look very disappointing.


Rhapsody is a subscription service. You pay a monthly subscription and access as much music as you want, whenever you want. It also offers personalized suggestions based on what you like, just like Pandora. The problem is, you don’t own the music – you just listen to it through their site or through a compatible home device – which means you can’t put it on your iPod. Super lame. They sell music, but it’s the same price as iTunes. McLamester.

Similar programs: Yahoo! music, Napster

This is a Russian download site that when working offers downloads at very low prices like $ 0.20 per song. It’s pretty unreliable, however – payment processing is still oddly hard to come by – which can make you wary of cheap legal music.

lime wire
Limewire is a free torrent download service, similar in function to the old Napster. It does not contain any spyware or adware and has a filtering system to try to eliminate the bad stuff. The basic version is free, while the PRO version is sold for $ 21.95. But be careful! The RIAA keeps track of what’s going on, in its Big Brother way.

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