Psychedelic Music Studio Closes $ 4.5 Million Funding Round: Birth of Auxiliary Psychedelics?


As the psychedelic medicine industry progresses, institutional investors find opportunities in companies that provide products and services surrounding the core businesses of the industry.

The growing institutional support for ancillary companies can be seen as clear evidence of a sector’s path to maturity. as investors seek ways to exploit the opportunities inherent in a thriving ecosystem.

The latest company to take advantage of this trend is Wave path, a music studio dedicated to musical creation to support psychedelic therapy, which Thursday closed a $ 4.5 million seed investment round.

The company, co-founded by Dr Mendel Kaelen and Anna Rickman in 2019, is described as “a digital platform that builds on pioneering scientific research showing that music plays a critical role in creating positive outcomes for psychedelic therapies.”

The platform offers customizable music that can be used to benefit from the therapeutic results of “trips” with ketamine, psilocybin, and MDMA, among other similar drugs.

“Music has a profound impact on therapeutic outcomes, but many therapists don’t know how to best work with music in their practice,” Kaelen said. “Our adaptive music technology enables healthcare providers to work with music in a completely person-centered way, with the same ease with which the temperature or light in the room can be adjusted. ”

The company said in a press release that it has worked with a variety of musical artists to create an AI-powered auditory landscape designed to be responsive throughout every moment of a therapy session.

“During the sessions, the platform interface allows practitioners to seamlessly switch between emotional atmospheres, depth and activation levels and instrumentation in real time, depending on the changing mood. or the therapeutic needs of a patient, ”the company noted.

Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash.


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