Readers’ Favorite Announces Review of Non-Fiction – Music/Entertainment Book “Sneaky Showbiz” by Simo Ben


Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the book Non-Fiction – Music/Entertainment “Sneaky Showbiz” by Simo Ben, currently available at

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“Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

I’ve never been a fan of magic, and when it comes to dark magic, well, I always thought that was the domain of fantasy fiction writers and filmmakers…until I read Sneaky Showbiz by Simo Ben. Now I’m seriously wondering if the slowdowns in my life were the result of bad choices, or is it just possible that I fell victim to dark magic? If I lived in Morocco, I would certainly come to this conclusion! But for readers to fully grasp how dark magic can disrupt lives, you need to read this book that entertainment journalist Simo Ben took seven years to write. What he shares is breathtaking.

Imagine using a corpse’s hand to stir the popular dish of couscous to turn a husband’s eyes off an unfaithful wife. Yes, Moroccans… many of whom are Muslims… think it works. Or how about adding corpse water to someone’s coffee? Why corpses? Because “Anything surrounding a corpse is priceless in the world of magic.” This invaluable factor provides a witch like R’kia with a lucrative income. Much of what Simo Ben shares with readers comes from countless hours hidden behind a curtain as he watches R’kia in action, meeting those in desperate need of his spells. People seek out his services…and pay a lot of money…in hopes of attaining fame and fortune. Another main reason for paying someone like R’kia to cast a spell is jealousy of other people’s looks, wealth, and possessions.

But that’s just a fraction of what will keep readers hooked… pun intended… in Sneaky Showbiz. What is even more astonishing is the hypocrisy of Moroccan society, a factor that puts off both R’kia and Simo Ben. For example, while virginity is highly prized and demanded of young women by their families, prostitution is rampant! And if anyone thinks families don’t know what their daughters are up to at night, think again. With such high poverty, for far too many people, it’s the only way to eat and pay rent. Then there is the “false success” of the many young women in the entertainment industry. What young girls aspire to by following these models and actresses on social networks is far from reality. Honestly, you only have to read this book to understand why Simo Ben titled his talk Sneaky Showbiz.

The author and R’kia will not spare your sensitivity or sensibility when it comes to the language they use. So get ready. Ben is a great writer, but the presentation is raw in its honesty. Towards the end of the book. Simo Ben mentions a film, Much Loved, which depicts the elements of prostitution in Moroccan society. Since this aspect was almost as incredible to me as the black magic, I decided to watch part of this movie before writing this review. Wow… breathtaking!

You can read more about Simo Ben and “Sneaky Showbiz” at where you can read the author’s reviews and biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through his website. and social media pages.

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