Rubato Music Studio is thriving one year after opening!


A year after the opening of the Rubato Music Studio in Antioch, during what will certainly be an unforgettable year, we are still here and eager to see how summer unfolds.

Over the past year, instructors at Rubato have offered music lessons live, in person, and group lessons to over 100 students from Antioch and surrounding communities. At a time when so many children were “stuck at home” doing almost everything else virtually, we welcomed them with open arms, socially distant of course, and had a face to face interaction with them.

We like to think that this was a must-have option for so many people who may not have had much human contact outside of their immediate family. It has certainly been a blessing for us, the instructors, to be able to continue to teach and provide music to our students. Most of us would probably have gone mad if we couldn’t do what we love to do!

We currently have 11 instructors who teach one-on-one lessons on a wide variety of instruments as well as camps and courses. Come and make music with us! Check us out at or call 847-603-1836.


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