Sancover Music Entertainment, a Belgian label, helps artists launch creative music projects


Artists and music producers need the support of record companies to show their talent to the world. Many record companies strive to support independent artists in the field of music. Sancover Music Entertainment is a Belgian label that helps artists release their creative music projects.

Founded in 2020 by Belgian producer Wekho, the label is distributed by Warner Music Group’s distribution department, ADA Music. Unlike other record labels, Sancover allows A&R staff to control decisions and artists and producers to exercise full creative control.

The belgian record company focuses on musical genres, namely EDM, pop and hip-hop music. The Sancover team helps artists develop their musical ability and abilities. In addition, he guides them through all aspects of the world of music.

Sancover is not limited to established musicians, but also helps emerging musicians. It aims to establish a personal brand for artists by managing their projects, choosing the right songs and creating the right strategy.

The Belgian label discusses the goals and requirements of artists with their concept creators. After getting the right idea on this topic, he creates a whole concept around it. Sancover Music Entertainment has a vast international network of experienced, credible and reliable partners around the world.

He has forged connections with renowned producers, songwriters, mix & master engineers, marketers, video directors, public relations and publishers. Sancover aims to help national and international artists recoup their investments through Airplay, royalties, broadcast, streams and performances.

Since its inception, the Belgian label has played a decisive role in the growth of many musical artists in the music industry.


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