Snapchat is working on a new option to add popular music clips to your shots


Snapchat is working on a new way to share music within Snaps, which could be seen as another nod to TikTok’s growing popularity, although there are some variations in the app.

As you can see in this footage, the new option will allow users to add music to their shots – before or after capture. It might facilitate the kind of lip-syncing, dance clips that were popularized by TikTok, so it’s probably inspired by the app, but the functionality was also made easier by Snapchat’s new deals with music editors, which will allow it to include more music to use in the app.

Snapchat had negotiated with music publishers over the past year for new deals to allow music sharing within Snaps – while Facebook has also been working on new arrangements to ensure it could allow the sharing of music within Snaps. use of official music videos. As such, Snap has reportedly been planning this sort of feature for some time, so it doesn’t appear to be entirely “inspired” by TikTok. But then again, Snapchat is also testing a new Tik-Tok-style vertical feed format for Discover, so it’s clearly looking to gauge the app’s success anyway.

Perhaps, then, the music videos will provide a bridge for Snapchat to welcome refugees from TikTok, amid discussions about a possible ban on TikTok in the United States. That ban seems less likely now, with the Trump administration allowing Microsoft to negotiate a potential buyout of the app, but nonetheless, many TikTok creators will at least seek to diversify their presence in order to protect themselves from further action.

And maybe with the music videos, Snapchat will be a more logical destination.

When music videos are added to Snaps, viewers will be able to swipe up on the Snap to view album art, song title, and artist name. Viewers will also be able to listen to the full song on their favorite streaming platforms, providing a direct link to the artists’ presence.

And note – Snapchat already has a music sticker option, linked to Spotify, but it is a more advanced direct connect option for music clips.

Snapchat will first launch the option in New Zealand and Australia this week, with a wider rollout expected later this year.

This could be a nice addition to your Snap process – although it’s interesting to see if Snap’s Discover feed starts to look more like TikTok as a result.


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