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Do you like to watch videos online in your spare time for entertainment? If so, you will love SnapTube. This is a very popular app in the Android community and all thanks to the fact that SnapTube can download videos online. Considering the fact that there are millions of online videos available on the internet, SnapTube is automatically categorized as a source of endless entertainment.

Being able to download videos online and watch them offline is the best feature of SnapTube. However, that’s not the only feature the app has to offer. SnapTube can also be used to download music for free! To make things even better, SnapTube is updated regularly with improvements and a new update has just arrived.

SnapTube update

What better way to start the day than to receive a new update for your favorite app? That being said, SnapTube fans should be happy to hear that the developers behind the app have just released a new update that changes the app’s version number to Now let’s see what are the improvements brought by the update.

What’s new?

Considering that SnapTube’s most popular feature is its ability to download videos online, so it’s no surprise that the latest update focuses on improving this exact feature. Therefore, the app software has been optimized in order to increase the overall speed at which SnapTube can download videos online. Not only that, but the download speed of free music is also faster.

APK Alternative

The new update is being rolled out over the air for all SnapTube fans. However, the update can also be downloaded and installed manually as an APK (Android Package Kit).

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