Sony Music Entertainment Japan will launch 1st generation VEE VTubers


Since its initial announcement last year, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) officially announces the first generation of VTubers under the “VEE” virtual talent development and management project. The first generation consists of three new talents and two existing ones.

Otokado Ruki, Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV, Hinahoshi Airu, Kujo Ringo, and Syusetu Kohaku are revealed as the first generation members of Project VEE, as Generation “Dev-a”. Their individual profiles, Twitter accounts and first schedules are revealed today, May 23, 2022.

VEE Generation VTuber “Dev-a” Profile

Otokado Ruki

Otokado Ruki is portrayed as a lesser devil student with a friendly personality. She believed that the great prophecy of Nostradamus would destroy humanity, so she came to the human world to create memories until that time came. However, the world is fine and she decided to stay, posing as a human and going to school. She became a VTuber thanks to her taste for otaku culture, with the aim of getting to know humans better.

Start: May 27, 2022 (Friday) – 8:00 p.m. JST

Kujo Ringo

Eldest daughter of the prestigious Kujo family, she is a female vampire-human hybrid. She governs Marc Horte, the western country of the demonic world. She comes from the demon world to become the new lord of the “main human beings” who live their lives hard.

Kujo Ringo has a stellar profile as one of the popular VTubers on the SHOWROOM app, was featured in the SIGGRAPH 2019 VTuber Showcase, and hosts his weekly radio show.

Start VEE: May 26, 2022 (Thursday) – 9:00 PM JST

Syusetu Kohaku

Kohaku is a fox, not a cat, who was blown into this world from a forest in a different world. While wondering about the new world she finds herself in, she came across a game for no apparent reason. As she became obsessed with the game, she became a hikikomori.

She excels at Apex Legends and has coached other VTubers. She is also the overall winner of the Legion Doujou Cup VTuber Edition in 2020.

Start VEE: May 26, 2022 (Thursday) – 9:00 PM JST

Tulsi – Nightmare Madness IV

In terms of age, Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV may be the oldest on the list, but she insists she’s 17. Having slept for 20,000 years, her magical power will not be enough to make her great. His dream is to build a gigantic castle in Harajuku.

Start: May 27, 2022 (Friday) – 22:00 JST

Hinahoshi Airu

Airu is portrayed as an alien from a distant star who seems to love the earth. Instead of invading the earth, she dreams of becoming the main character in a story that saved the earth. She likes to play a lot.

Start: May 27, 2022 (Friday) – 21:00 JST

Along with the five new members, VEE introduces Hanabi, its PR manager responsible for sharing project updates:

はじめ まし て! バーチャルタレント プロジェクト 「vee」 の 広報 担当 華灯 ((はなび と と 申し これ これ 「「 「」 に 関する さまざま な 情報 発信 発信 し いき いき ます! 宜しく お願い し し! ✨ 発信 し し し いき し し し し します!宜しくお願いします!✨#はじまるぜ VEE HTTPS://

VEE is Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s largest virtual talent development and management project in history. With the slogan “VTubers are human too”, they have made it a point to discover talents and continue to nurture them. More information is available on the VEE project website, as well as their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Sony Music Japan’s investments in VTuber include Virtual Cinderella Project in cooperation with Bilibili, produced by Rino Sashihara; the VERSEⁿ project under the NeOFRONT brand from Sony Music Labels and Helixes; and the multilingual PRISM project. Sony Music Japan also has a major investment in ANYCOLOR Inc., Nijisanji’s management company.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. photo material ©VEE


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