Sony Music Entertainment opens new office in the Philippines


Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Philippines today announced the opening of its new office in Manila, to continue the company’s activities to discover and develop the next generation of Filipino artists.

Located in Pasig City, a major shopping, entertainment and cultural center, the new office will house SME Philippines and The Orchard Philippines, housing specialists in A&R and digital marketing to support SME Philippine’s roster of over 70 local artists, discover and develop promising musical talents and promote the music of the country.

SME Philippines is home to some of the best known artists and musical groups from the Philippines and Southeast Asia, including Ben&Ben, SB19, NOBITA, Ace Banzuelo and Clara Benin.

The opening event was attended by Deputy Mayor of the City of Pasig, Dodot Jaworski, as well as Sony Music Group senior executives, artists and business partners. Guests enjoyed performances by local SME stars Ace Banzuelo, I Belong to The Zoo, Alex Bruce, Clara Benin, Young Cocoa and Of Mercury.

“The Philippines is a nation that loves music. It’s exciting to witness the growth of the local music industry and to see local musicians gaining momentum regionally and internationally. We are thrilled to see Sony Music Philippines call Pasig City their home,” said Vice Mayor of the City of Pasig, Dodot Jaworski.

“Here in the Philippines, the country’s vibrant cultural fabric has spawned a new generation of artists who are pushing the boundaries of their music and showcasing the best of local music,” said Shridhar Subramaniam, President, Corporate Strategy and Market Development, Asia and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment. “The cultural diversity and creativity in the Philippines, coupled with the pace of digital adoption, provides tremendous opportunities for artists to create and share their music, and we are committed to supporting their efforts.”

“Over the years, we’ve worked closely with musicians, creators and partners to build an impressive roster of local artists and provide each of them with best-in-class support,” said Roslyn Pineda, General Manager, Philippines, Sony Music Entertainment. “As a result, we have created many international hits and local favorites, while making our mark as the only music company with a Christian music sub-label in the country. Looking ahead, we are ready to continue our efforts to support Filipino music both in the country and beyond.

Local artists who have made a name for themselves regionally and internationally include Ben&Ben and SB19.

“Sony Music has been a lovely partner in helping us reach our fanbase, Liwanag, with our music,” Ben & Ben said. “They have opened so many doors for us, allowing us to bring the emotions and messages of the songs we have made to people who need them. They have constantly given us renewed energy to keep pushing the boundaries and keep moving forward, whatever the direction of the wind. It is an honor to work alongside an organization full of passionate and dedicated people. As we embark on a new adventure with our first North American tour, it is sad to miss the opening of the new office, but we are proud to see how far Sony Music Philippines has come.

The five-member sensation SB19 debuted in late 2018 and received wide recognition with their singles, “What?”, “Alab (Burning)” and “Go Up.” The pop group was nominated for “Top Social Artist” at the 2021 Billboards Music Awards and has the longest running number one hit in Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart history for “Bazinga.”

“Sony Music has been a key and vital partner to us over the years, helping us reach our fans and audiences through their vast and extensive network,” SB19 added in a statement. “From working with us on our debut album, supporting us on our recently released international single ‘WYAT’ and helping us with our upcoming world tour, we couldn’t have asked for a better team. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to congratulate them on the opening of their new office.


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