Sony Music Entertainment opens YouTuber virtual auditions – Interest



People of any nationality can apply, but they must live in Japan

Sony Music Entertainment Tuesday launched auditions for his next Virtual YouTuber project “VEE”. The company is looking for more than 50 VTubers who can not only stream and create videos, but also create music and be active as voice actors.

According to the hearing of the project page, people of any nationality over the age of 16 can apply, but they must reside in Japan. VTuber’s experience is not necessary, although applicants should be able to guarantee that they can work continuously for more than a year. Sex is not a consideration.

VEE describes itself as “a new virtual talent development and management project that generously offers all of our knowledge, assets, and production and management environment.” He promises not to distinguish virtual talents from other talents in the company. He also promises that he won’t take away an artist’s name or character, claiming to “create an environment in which you can continue to use your characters in a way that doesn’t shut down your activities, including careers. which we cannot fully support “. At the same time, VEE doesn’t promise any shortcuts for the big stage, urging budding talent to work hard to make their dreams come true.

Applications are open until September 30.

Sources: Mainichi Shimbun Mantan-Web, official VEE website



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