Sony Music Entertainment secures entire Silverchair catalog


The entire Silverchair catalog is now under the control of Sony Music Entertainment Australia, with the label taking over the distribution rights from Young Modern (2007) and Diorama (2002).

The catalog consolidation, announced today, reunites the group with Sony Music and smooths over some of the group’s previous problems with the label.

The band first signed to Sony’s Murmur in the mid-1990s after winning the national Pick Me competition with their demo of ‘Tomorrow’. As part of the award, the group – then known as Innocent Criminals – recorded the song with triple j, and the ABC filmed a video.

The band changed their name to Silverchair in the process, and the song garnered interest from Mushroom Records and Sony’s Murmur.

Three-album contract with Murmur saw the band come out Frog Strike (1995), Monster show (1997), and Neon ballroom (1999).

When the agreement with Murmur ended, the band joined independent label Eleven, created by former Sony A&R manager, now group manager John Watson, for future albums in Australia and Asia, which were locally distributed by EMI. They were signed to Atlantic Records for releases in South and North America.

This arrangement saw the band come out Diorama (2002) and Young Modern (2007).

Sony Music, however, released a best of the album, Best of: Tome 1, in November 2000, after the band ended their affiliation with the label.

At the time, band frontman Daniel Johns was disputing the Biggest Hits compilation, but now that the band has reunited with Sony some 20 years later, Johns is much more optimistic about his old playing field.

“It’s great to have the catalog under one roof at Sony Music, where it all started for Silverchair,” he said in a statement.

Another band member, Ben Gillies, said: “We are so proud of these albums and know that Denis and the team at Sony Music, as they always have, will treat our catalog with love and respect. It seems fair.

And Chris Joannou adds: “We are delighted to have all the Silverchair albums with Sony Music Australia where it all started for us over 25 years ago. What a mad rush it has been.

Sony Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand President and CEO Denis Handlin said the trio will always be part of the Sony Music family and their songs will live on forever.

“26 years ago three young boys from Newcastle burst onto the scene with amazing music that captured the world. I’m so thrilled to have the full band catalog with Sony Music. We look forward to exciting opportunities in the years to come. “

The deal with Sony Music also includes the audiovisual album Live from distant stables, registered in 2003.

The group went into indefinite hibernation in 2011, but their accomplishments endure. Their debut single ‘Tomorrow’ debuted at # 1 on the ARIA Singles charts and stayed there for six weeks. Frog Strike also debuted at No.1 and was 4x platinum. They were also on the Billboard Top 10 in the United States, the first Australian group to do so since INXS.

All of the group’s other studio albums also debuted at No. 1 and they boast 21 ARIA Awards. Worldwide, they have sold over 6 million records.


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