Spatial and Made Music Studio announce partnership to create and deploy transformational soundscapes


Starting with a focus on sound design for office and corporate environments that merges music and biophilia, the partnership aims to set new standards of experience for the future of work, retail and of the hotel industry.

The first soundscapes will be previewed at the NYCXDesign Festival.

NEW YORK, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Spatial, the award-winning immersive audio software platform, and Made Music Studio, the global branding and sound design studio, today announced a partnership to create immersive sound experiences for n ‘ any environment, starting with an inaugural series of targeted soundscapes. Spacesuits innovative software platform with Made Music Studios creative audio, the partners seek to redefine the human experience of sound in the workplace.

Spatial and Made Music Studio announce partnership to create and deploy transformational soundscapes

Spatial’s flexible, powerful and scalable technology breaks traditional audio barriers at a fraction of the cost of traditional immersive sound solutions. Music studio mades soundscapes originally composed, orchestrated and deployed via Spatialstate-of-the-art platform, integrate musical compositions, biophilic sounds and other research-based audio elements that enhance the employee experience throughout a workday. *

Convergence of art and science, Made Music StudioIt has been shown in tests that working on the environment quantifiably improves our emotional relationship to spaces and places. The result is a next-level, immersive and interactive spatialized sound design, customized to reduce anxiety, increase productivity, or evoke states of calm. The impact of this partnership is transformational not only for the future of work, but also for the future of retail and the future of hospitality.

As large companies revamp the entire work life cycle and rethink the goal of the modern campus with their employees, immersive work design comes to the fore, ”said Calin Pacurariu, co-founder and CEO of Spatial, WeWe’re excited to work with the brilliant, immersive audio designers at Made Music Studio to enhance the employee experience throughout the day. Hybrid working models inherently take into account the unique strength of each workplace to maximize creativity, teamwork and performance and our partnership delivers enhanced sound environments in an easily scalable and customizable way on the platform. interactive spatial form in real time. “

The first series of Made Music Studio soundscapes created on the Spatial platform is previewed on November 16 as part of NYCXDesign. Developed for specific use in office and corporate environments, Made Music Studio sounds include a suite of three nature-inspired soundscapess four elements: air, earth, water and fire, designed to improve employee engagement and productivity.

These include:

  1. Welcome atmosphere: for use in halls and entry points of offices and corporate spaces; inspiring warmth and interconnection.

  2. Focus ambience: for use in coworking spaces or other quieter spaces used for targeted productivity; inspiring relaxation and intimacy while reducing distractions.

  3. Energizing atmosphere: for use in high energy common spaces and high traffic areas (eg restaurants, recreation areas, hallways); inspiring optimism and motivation.

Research from Made Music Studio shows that an officeThe sound environment is important. Well-designed music and sound can bring people into a relaxed state of productivity that is 16% more calming and 13% more enjoyable on average than a typical office environment. ** Sound environments matter – all around us, every day.

How and where audio is deployed and designed can have a significant impact on our experiences. We know that there is an 86% correlation between as the reaction to sound and their subconscious desire to return to that space,actions Lauren McGuire, President of Made Music Studio. As we reflect on what it means to re-enter our offices, malls, airports and hotels, we can reimagine the way we design these spaces through high-end sound experiences. This technology opens up a whole new world for sound design in spaces. “

About the space
Spatial redefines the human experience by creating virtual soundscapes where you work, where you play and where you stay. SpaceS technology is flexible, powerful and scalable, breaking down traditional audio barriers. Serving customers in corporate, retail, theme parks, museums, hotels, real estate entertainment and more, Spatial takes audio to a new level and empowers creators to unleash their creative soundscapes. SpaceThe team and demo locations are located in Emeryville, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. Led by seasoned executives from Apple, Nest, LucasArts and Disney and backed by DBL Partners and BITKRAFT Ventures, Spatial is poised to reinvent immersive entertainment. To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Made Music Studio
Founded by composer and producer Joel beckerman, Made Music Studio is a sound design and branding company with over 20 years of history in creating iconic and enduring musical experiences.

Made Music Studio brings creative excellence, cultural connectivity, leadership in sound innovation, as well as in-depth research and data on how sound affects emotions and behavior.

A trusted partner for HBO, CBS, Hulu, Disney, AT&T, Frito-Lay, iRobot, Nissan, Virgin Hyperloop, AMEX; Made Music brings a legacy of collaboration with everyone from John williams to John Legend, Meow Wolf to IDEO.

Made Music Studio is one of Fast Co’s most innovative companies, the EXPLOR award winner and repeat winner of the Promax award.

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The references
*, Biophilic design and the workplace ”, Tom heys, April 2021.

** MMS and sensitive decision science, 2018

(PRNewsfoto / Spatial)

(PRNewsfoto / Spatial)



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