Spotify adds live collaboration to Online Music Studio


Soundtrap, Spotify’s online music studio, released some great updates this month. Among them are live collaboration and new auto-save tools for creators. Here’s everything you need to know…

by Randi Zimmerman from Symphonic Blog

About Soundtrap

sound trap is a digital audio workspace where artists can combine beats, loops and instruments, connect their own tracks, record, edit and even collaborate on different devices, all in real time. Since Spotify acquired the platform 5 years ago, it has evolved to encompass tons of features such as powerful audio editing tools, remote multi-track interviews with video chat, smart transcription and much more. .

Pricing starts at $7.99 per month for Music Creators. However, Soundtrap still offers unlimited projects, 4,880 loops, 440 instruments and sounds, and 150,000 sound effects for free even without a premium subscription.

What’s new?

Now the new features of live collaboration and automatic backup join the lineup. Additionally, they introduced Live Commenting, which allows collaborators to comment and share feedback on certain parts of the project in real time. — Want to try a voice again or add filters? Leave a comment and the other person can see it immediately, wherever they are. Easy like that.

“Live collaboration and auto-save – which are currently in beta – means we can view real-time changes between collaborators without a ‘sync’ button. It shows real-time changes and auto-save is automatic, which means users can stay in that creative flow.” said Bryan Johnson, Head of International Artist and Industry Partnerships at Spotify.

Spotify for Artists has also released a Masterclass video that showcases artists Snow Tha Product and Fabian Mazur on how they use the new Soundtrap features. — For more, check it out below…


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