Starfield’s banking and lending feature could be a game-changer


star field will be Bethesda Game Studios’ first new IP in 25 years, and it’s become one of the most anticipated games slated to launch in 2023. Bethesda head Todd Howard described star field as “Skyrim in space”, which is exciting because Skyrimit is popularity continues today – despite its launch in 2011. The world of Skyrim is expansive, comprising 15 square miles for players to roam, but with star field players are promised over 1,000 planets to explore, mine, build bases and more.


Howard also commented on the goal of creating a realistic world with star field, capturing what technology and life will look like hundreds of years from now. To that end, Howard visited SpaceX and spoke with NASA professionals to summarize the natural evolution of technology, avoiding the flashy and exotic technology of other games and media. That’s not to say color and vibrancy won’t be found in the game, but grounding it in natural realism helps with immersion. Going even further, players noted that characters will be able to bank and take out both mortgages and loans.

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Interstellar Banking at Starfield

Extensive star field footage was released at Summer Game Fest in June, revealing that players could freely explore hundreds of star systems, customize ships, engage in dogfights, and specialize characters with different skills and professions. In the character creation menu for background and traits, fans noticed that characters could start with any starting house – including a tiny house on a peaceful moon and a 50,000 credit home mortgage. GalBank.

The bank idea is not new to Bethesda securities as star fieldas a banking system was in The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall. In this game, players could deposit and withdraw money, buy houses and take out loans, with penalties and bad reputation applied to those who failed to pay. With Bethesda’s plan to encapsulate realism in star field, having an interstellar banking system makes sense, although the role of this organization in the overall story remains a mystery. Science fiction tales often present dystopian visions of money-hungry conglomerates, and anything is possible with a name like GalBank.

Starfield Bases of Operation

If players choose to start with a small house and a mortgage, the difficulties may not be as severe as they seem. While the characters would be in debt upfront, the terms and stipulations of the mortgage have yet to be revealed. Howard has already promised that the characters will start the game as members of Constellation, a group that aims to explore and understand the Milky Way. Constellation’s background information is limited, so starting with a house can provide an advantage over a freeform explorer.

Since star field is designed as an RPG, starting with a starting house can provide players with a unique background story. Also, having a home can be like having a base of operations where by Starfield players may have resources, inventory, or other game-changing items. An established base of operations can also provide safety nets for players to fall back on when they inevitably have to deal with the various factions in the game.

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A head start on industrialization at Starfield

A basic functionality promised for star field is the ability to build bases on different planets. With over 1,000 options, many of which are resource-rich ranging from standard to rare, players will theoretically have the chance to become industrial titans. Games such as No Man’s Sky showed how large factory farms can operate to extract precious metals, and if star field follows in the same vein, a house established at the start can work to a player’s advantage.

The description of the starting house only revealed that its location is on a peaceful moon. What minerals this moon contains, its status in the star system, its demand by other factions, and more details have not been defined. In addition, no information regarding the equipment of the starting houses has been detailed. If players choose this option, they can very well start the game with a small farm located to help start their industrialization efforts right off the bat.

Capitalism at Starfield

Since Howard was adamant that star field players have the agency to choose their own path, achieving various endings, the different professions that exist are bound to be numerous. While explorers, pirates, mercenaries, security and law enforcement have been highlighted, it’s reasonable to assume that players will also have the choice of becoming wealthy financial capitalists.

Other space games such as EVE online, Elite Dangerousand Stellaris allow players to embark on paths of financial domination. The Gek breed of No Man’s Sky is known for its wealth and trade good maximization, with players able to play their part and follow their lead. It’s reasonable to assume that these possibilities would extend to a game like Star field. With the game’s devotion to realism, the power of wealth and influence would still hold as it does today.

Anticipation for Bethesda star field continues to rise as 2023 draws closer. The game promises to be large and captivating with a realistic take on the future of space travel, technology and politics. Giving players the agency to choose their path to varied endings, even being able to own homes and mortgages, take out loans, and other forms of banking can give some characters an edge on their exploratory journey.

star field released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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