State-of-the-art music studio opens | Local life


Gordon Bahary, producer / engineer / songwriter and multi-platinum artist, has created Electric Kingdom Studios, a brand new recording complex in Hartsdale. The establishment offers a combination of modern analogue equipment and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

“We made Electric Kingdom warm: Persian rugs, pianos, and warm, earthy colors,” Bahary said. “And there is convenience compared to the city. The musicians said, “I can’t believe I can park in the driveway and put my guitar on my back and come in and record.” They see a hundred hectares of adjoining woods. It’s the atmosphere. I made this studio for creativity. I design all the projects and work with producers and artists.

In the early 1980s as an artist / writer / producer, Bahary sold 7 million copies of his Billboard R&B Top 10 hit, “Electric Kingdom,” which was voted No. 8 song of all time in his genre by Rolling Stone – hence the name of the workshop. He has worked closely with music giants Stevie Wonder (two albums), Herbie Hancock and Ramsey Lewis, among others, and currently composes compositions for film and television.

Electric Kingdom can comfortably accommodate up to seven jazz, rock, orchestral, folk and R&B musicians. “This studio is for rent only with me as an engineer,” he said, assuring potential clients that their music would be handled at the highest level.

Bahary, who has been an engineer for 40 years, describes his approach to recording at Electric Kingdom as “organic”. “The end result,” he said, “is the rich musicality that emerges from older equipment designs, but with new components. We’re bringing back the old, but with the clarity and reliability of today. It’s the purest audio reproduction available, but with the soul intact.


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