Taylor Swift’s ex-label denies music blocking claims


On Friday, Taylor Swift’s former label called “false” the superstar’s accusations that it prevented her from performing her songs on television or releasing a Netflix documentary.

Late Thursday, the pop artist accused the heads of the Nashville-based group Big Machine Label of “exercising tyrannical control” over her, claiming he told his team she was “not allowed to perform. my old songs on TV because they claim it would be re-recording my music before being allowed to do so next year. “

Earlier this year, Swift began a public fight with Scooter industry mogul Braun over his purchase of his decade-long old label, which gave him a controlling stake in the main recordings of his first six albums.

The 29-year-old then vowed to re-record her first albums to create copies she owns herself, saying her contract allows her to start remaking albums one through five in November 2020 – when she plans to return in the studio do just that.

The owner of coveted masters – unique sources used to create vinyl records, CDs, and digital copies – is able to dictate how songs are reproduced and sold.

Swift said the label had told her team “they would allow me to use my music” as long as she “doesn’t re-record copied versions of my songs next year.”

Big Machine denied the allegation, saying in a statement, “Taylor, the story you created does not exist.”

“At no point did we say that Taylor couldn’t perform on AMAs or block his Netflix special,” the statement continued, adding, “We have no right to prevent it from performing live. wherever it is.”

The label went on to assert that “Taylor has admitted contractually owing millions of dollars and multiple assets to our company, which is responsible for 120 hardworking employees who have helped build his career.”

Big Machine has requested a “direct and honest conversation” to resolve this issue, without going into more detail on the details of what it should have.

Swift, however, had alluded to the bullying, saying that “the message sent to me is very clear.”

“Basically be a good little girl and shut up,” she wrote in her Tumblr post. “Or you will be punished.”

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