Tencent Music Entertainment Launches Live Concerts, Already Over 100 Million Viewers


China’s huge entertainment brand is thwarting the lack of gigs in a post-COVID 2020 with massively popular online gigs.

Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) is the music arm of the huge Chinese tech conglomerate China. With live music canceled for much of the year and people around the world eager to find live music experiences again, TME Live was launched.

TME Live publishes a series of live concerts based on the most popular songs of artists with high production value and easy interaction for fans. They describe the new branch as a “live entertainment brand of panoramic music”.

So far, they have released 15 shows that have garnered 100 million views on television. China’s social media and blogging platform Weibo reports that the show’s posts have had more than 8 billion engagements since they were launched and have been discussed.

Tencent Music Entertainment reported that around 1 / 5th of digital music users in China are willing to pay to watch live music performances online. With the lack of in-person gigs, BTS broke world records this year for its huge streaming gig, and Tomorrowland recently attracted over a million ticket buyers for its fully online festival.

Tencent has over half a billion users on its music streaming services in China (around 657 million), which means huge potential if even just 1 / 5th, as they assume, were to pay for these new gigs. live.


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