Third Tencent Music Entertainment Awards Reaches Hundreds of Millions of Fans with Groundbreaking Integrated Music Experience


Shenzhen, China, December 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tencent Musical entertainment group (“Tencent Music”, “TME” or the “Company”) (NYSE: TME), the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in Chinasuccessfully concluded the third edition Tencent Music Entertainment Awards (TMEA) ceremony at the Venetian Macau on December 11, 2021. The ceremony was broadcast live on Tencent Music platforms including QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing.

Themed “3ing For Music”, this year’s TMEA sought to engage the public in music as the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the special year of 2021. video adapted for the ceremony featured heartfelt stories and singing performances from users, and was performed on stage to align with this year’s theme.

The ceremony offered an unprecedented online/offline music entertainment experience through its innovative live performance platform, TME Live. 46 singers, musicians and bands, with globally acclaimed artists, popular Chinese singers and bands, and emerging singers from around the Tencent Musician Program, performed songs of different genres with 31 different backdrops to meet the different tastes of hundreds of millions of users. To open up access to this musical carnival, this year TMEA has teamed up with Weibo and Sina and leveraged its deep partnerships within the Tencent ecosystem, using WeChat video accounts, WeChat search and Tencent Video to increase exposure. From December 13, 2021the ceremony enjoyed great popularity on digital platforms, generating 160 trending tags, 72 billion visits and 153 million discussions on social media site Weibo, and 57 trending tags on Douyin and Bilibili video platforms.

In addition to the performance, 40 awards were announced for national and international singer-songwriters, singers, bands, songs, concerts and entertainment charity projects to recognize their efforts contributing to the industry. music.

As the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China, through this year’s TMEA, TME not only brought a unique music experience to its users, but also introduced the emerging trends of Chinese and digital music to users. Since its inaugural ceremony in 2019, the TMEA has awarded more than 100 trophies, welcomed nearly 100 musicians and performers and touched hundreds of millions of music lovers, marking Tencent Music’s position as a leader in the Chinese music industry.

Tencent Music will continue to strengthen the creation and promotion of music, elevating high-quality Chinese music to the world stage.

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