Verizon “Looks Into the Future” of Music Entertainment with VR Performance Powered by 5G


Director of Verizon 5G Labs: “Musical artists can create whole worlds with 5G and MEC”

“I was able to create my own world,” music artist The Hxliday said in a video posted by Verizon 5G Labs. “It’s more of a creative thought process than any other musical performance I’ve done.”

This Friday, The Hxliday will perform their new EP “The Most Beautiful Disaster during an immersive virtual reality (VR) concert supported by 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) at Verizon’s 5G Lab in Los Angeles. Performance is part of a greater Partnership between Verizon, Capitol Music Group (CMG) and Motown Records, which includes the launch of a new Emerging Tech and Emerging Artist program that aims to combine three growing CMG and Motown recording artists with advanced content production technologies to bring the creative visions of artists to life.

“[Verizon] see[s]5G as a tool for communities and culture, ”said Christian Guirnalda, director of 5G Labs at Verizon. Wireless CPR News, adding that emerging technologies create new opportunities for emerging artists.

The performance involves a 5G-powered virtual production stage, a volumetric capture studio, game engine technology, and an extended reality (XR) production tool suite. Guirnalda explained that inside Verizon’s lab, these tools run on the carrier’s 5G millimeter wave network, which improves motion capture capabilities and the ability to record and stream 4K video at high speed. data intensity.

This is certainly not the first attempt to use 5G and other advanced technologies to enhance the experience of watching a music performance. For example, in December 2020, Ericsson and AT&T created and delivered a live three-dimensional augmented reality musical performance that selected fans could view and interact with on their 5G smartphones.

However, Guirnalda pointed out that what sets Verizon’s efforts apart is the impact not only on the consumer, but also on the creator. “We know that 5G makes it possible to consume [of these new experiences], but it also changes the way [these experiences]are created too. Artists can build entire worlds which are a manifestation of their creative vision, ”he said.

For example, artists can choose to make the lyrics of their songs visible via augmented reality (AR) in concert halls for fans with 5G phones or their album art can be transformed into a virtual and immersive look of the performance.

“Capitol and Motown are looking to the future,” commented Guirnalda. “They think about the next group of talents [and]recognizing that these are people using new tools and technologies to market themselves and that this is a new way to connect to a fan base because the younger generations are first and foremost mobile and digital.

The immersive performance will be available in a 180-degree live stream on TheHxliday’s YouTube and Facebook pages, as well as on Oculus Venues and Verizon’s 5G Labs site.

“We are exploring the cutting edge of technology here, and it will be in partnership with the next generation of creators,” Guirnalda said. “The network and the tools that sit above that network will be the arbiter of how we can connect with the idols we see in music.”


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