Wrexham Music Studio offers underprivileged children free lessons


Wrexham Sounds has received positive feedback from schools, community groups and health and welfare organizations in response to its vocal and instrumental workshops.

Among those who benefited was Maisie Carman, 12, a pupil at Ysgol Dinas Bran, Llangollen, who was referred by WCD Young Carers.

Maisie, from Cefn Mawr, helps mum Lisa and stepdad Dean look after her seven-year-old brother Leo, who has now completed his chemotherapy treatment and is in full recovery while awaiting further tests for mental health issues. autism and anxiety.

She loves weekly singing lessons with renowned vocal and wellness coach Clementine Gong and says being part of Wrexham Sounds has helped her rebuild her confidence after she “lost her sparkle” during lockdown.

“I love every second, I couldn’t wait to get started and I feel so happy when I’m there,”

Maisie said.

“I haven’t had vocal lessons before but I really enjoyed it and Clemmy is amazing! We practice warming up and she recommended some great songs that are so much fun to sing.

“I will one hundred million percent continue to sing and in the future I would like to work as a caregiver to help others when they need it most.

“I would definitely encourage other young people to visit Wrexham Sounds, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Mom Lisa was so inspired by WCD Young Carers that she joined them as an outreach worker.

“Maisie is an amazing little girl, she’s so sweet and I don’t know what I would do without her”

said Lisa.

“I’m so proud of her and the way she handles everything and supports her brother, even attending hospital visits and being there for him when he struggles with anxiety.

“The way she threw herself into voice lessons and gave it her all is a reflection on how she handles everyday life. During the pandemic, she lost some of her shine, like so many children did during lockdown, but she’s certainly got it back now.

“She is such a strong and amazing character and we look forward to continuing the lessons with Wrexham Sounds as they have helped her in so many ways, especially boosting her confidence and giving her a platform to shine even more – thank you .”

Chief executive Olivia Gallagher said Maisie had made huge progress over the past few weeks and was a star in the making.

“She has come so far in a short time and is an inspiration to us all,”

says Olivia.

“Seeing how the lessons have had a positive impact on youngsters like Maisie is encouraging and that’s exactly what Wrexham Sounds is about.”

She added:

“We invite people to contact us if they want to know more about the courses we offer and the support available.

“We offer a range of sessions including piano, drums, guitar, vocals and more, and plan to roll out more sessions and workshops in the coming months.”

For more information or to join the Wrexham Sounds team as a freelance tutor or volunteer, visit www.wrexhamsounds.org and follow them on social media at @wrexhamsounds.

To find out more about WCD Young Carers call 01597 823800 or email [email protected] You can also email www.carers.cymru/wcdyc.


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