YouTube is shutting down Discord’s most popular music bots


Youtube turns its attention (legal attention, that is) to a much-used second Discord musical robot.

In August, he sent a letter of formal notice to awesome robot, a kind of auto-DJ that, once installed on a Discord server, allows members to request songs to play. YouTube’s problem with this? Groovy Bot responded to user requests by streaming the tracks from the videos on YouTube.

Groovy, which has been installed on over 16 million Discord servers, complied with the C&D and shut down on August 30.

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Now YouTube has sent a similar letter to Pacethe most popular music bot on Discord.

Like Groovy Bot, Rhythm plays music by streaming songs from YouTube videos. According to The edgeRythm is currently installed on over 20 million Discord servers and has 30 million monthly active users, or 20% of Discord’s 150 million MAUs.

“Somehow we knew this had to happen eventually,” Yoavthe creator of Rhythm, told The edge. “That’s why we started working on something new a year ago. Great reception [a cease and desist letter] just meant it would happen sooner rather than later.

Yoav didn’t give specific details about what the Rythm team is working on, but said it’s “something new in music that we’re very excited about.”

Yoav also stated that since Rhythm received a C&D, they believe “all the music bots will also receive it in the coming weeks and I’m confident they’ll all be shut down.”

They said The edge that music bots have played a vital role in Discord’s user base and have “become key to the experience and bring so much fun and engagement to a community.” It’s a sad end to the era here for everyone on the platform.

Discord declined to comment on the C&Ds. Tubular filter has reached out to YouTube for comment and will update this story with any new information.


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