Zimbabwe: a new music studio to give a voice to young people in the ghetto


Up-and-coming producer and musician Austin Munyaradzi started a recording studio in Chitungwiza to promote local talent, especially among underprivileged girls and boys in the ghetto.

The studio, Deco Beats, launched recently in a low-key ceremony with few family and friends in attendance due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Munyaradzi (26) revealed in an interview that being a future musician was not easy in Zimbabwe, especially if one did not have access to resources and connections.

He decided to start the recording studio to meet the needs of ghetto youth who are struggling to break into the market.

“I think it’s a first step to promote local artists, especially in my neighborhood.

“We have raw talent in the ghetto, but the challenge is to have record companies to satisfy us.

“Some are expensive and as a result some artists’ dreams are dashed. I decided to open the recording studio with the limited resources I have and I have already received overwhelming responses from the community.”

Munyaradzi said he started music in 2017, but all was not well.

“Deco Beats is the name of the stable and it includes Obriman, real name Obedience Kaburi, and myself,” he said.

“The central idea of ​​our establishment is to exploit unknown and unrecognized young people.

“We want us to give them a chance to showcase their talents from scratch until they become long-term established brands. My interest in entering the music fraternity was solely driven by the passion I I have for music. Music runs in my blood, so I’m related to music, so to speak.”

Munyaradzi said a plethora of artists graced the studio ahead of launch.

“The list includes Golden Bvongo, Micho Bancho, Jahry, Jnr Fire, Curtis 21, Layan Killer, Lenny G and Mojotan.

“We already have an upcoming riddim called ‘success riddim’ featuring a group of artists. Apart from music production, I am also getting into video and photo shooting and we are also in the fashion and design.

“We are a multi-faceted brand with the desire to raise the standard of living in our societies by providing access to professional facilities to combat criminal activity.

“It may be due to preoccupation with and struggle with substance abuse.”

Upcoming singer Portia applauded the recording studio for opening “at a good time”.

“Well, as young girls, we now have a place where we can shape our dreams.

“I want to be the first girl to record under the label,” she said


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